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Flooding - Past at 9505 BURNET RD

OPEN Work in Progress. - about 9 hours ago #17-00213059

Loose Dog at 20117 CAMERON RD, COUPLAND

CLOSED Already Reported. - about 9 hours ago #17-00212225

Loose Dog at 20033 CAMERON RD, MANOR

caller states that she lives on Cameron Road Coupland, TX dogs are out in her front yard
CLOSED Completed - Close SR. Act#:A17-019410, Results:1 GENERAL BROADCAST;. - about 9 hours ago #17-00211851

Dead Animal Collection at 4503 MAGIN MEADOW DR

deceased headless cat on private fence in backyard
CLOSED Issue is being Investigated - about 9 hours ago #17-00213473

Loose Dog at 1835 KRAMER LN

Big white dog. Little munchkins
OPEN about 10 hours ago #17-00213883

Water Waste Report at 12330 N IH 35 SVRD SB

At the Marriott it's the right-of-way it's watering every day and waters running down Yaeger Lane
OPEN about 10 hours ago #17-00213886

Flooding - Past at 8637 MOUNTAIN CREST DR

there was flooding that accrued about 3 weeks ago exact day not known and it flooded inside the residential home around the water heater also the yard and also the sides of the street and also in the carport, the shed behind the carport a...
CLOSED Completed. Maximo work ticket #17-254912 has been issued to south crews to grade bar ditch on both sides to allow flow. Citizen was contacted on site. - about 10 hours ago #17-00203698

Loose Dog at KATY LN & W FM 1626 RD

OPEN about 10 hours ago #17-00213870

Fireworks Noise Complaint at 13009 POWDERHORN ST

CLOSED CAD Call Entered - CLOSE SR. 172070367. - about 10 hours ago #17-00213863

Fireworks Noise Complaint at 1109 SHADY LN

CLOSED No Report (Information) - CLOSE SR. music turned down. - about 10 hours ago #17-00213816

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