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Austin Resource Recovery - Property Damage Report at 2602 Sherwood Ln

CLOSED Emailed to Division - Damage Issue - Close SR. Emailed ADM S. Gilbert , Supervisor A. Guzman and ARR Safety Team- Route OT26. - 1 day ago #22-00369491

Austin Resource Recovery - Spillage Trash/Fluids at 5805 Republic Of Texas Blvd

Trash collect day and it appears that the truck in our neighborhood is leaking hydraulic fluid in the streets
CLOSED Garbage Spillage - Emailed Division - Close SR. Emailed ADM R. Herrera and Supervisor - L. Joyner - Route PAT82. - 1 day ago #22-00369567

Other at 1917 E 7 Th St

<< 311 Response: Thank you for contacting Austin 311. Service request number 22-00369586 has been forwarded to the Austin Transportation's Traffic Signal Division for the traffic signal concern at 1917 East 7th Street. A Traffic Signal Te...
CLOSED Completed - 1 day ago #22-00368772

Outdoor Commercial Venue Music Complaint at 2309 Longview St Central Austin

2am amplified music
CLOSED Completed - Close SR - 1 day ago #22-00368466

Channels/Creeks/Drainage Issues at Maple Ave & E 13 Th St

CLOSED Completed - 1 day ago #22-00357732

Concerns in Right of Way at 2201 Tillery St

CLOSED 1 day ago #22-00369546

Channels/Creeks/Drainage Issues at 2310 E 13 Th St

CLOSED Completed - 1 day ago #22-00355245

Speed Management at 6412 Ponca St

Ponca is in dire need of traffic/ speed control
CLOSED 1 day ago #22-00368270

Speed Management at Mountainclimb Dr & Dry Creek Dr

CLOSED Emailed Resident Program Determination - Close SR. 10/4/22 - Left email stating that Dry Creek Dr. has valid data and will be incorporated in the program methodology. Closed. No further action required at this time. - 1 day ago #22-00365878

Speed Management at 10217 River Plantation Dr

CLOSED 1 day ago #22-00368032

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