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Park Grounds Maintenance at 7000 Ardath St

Water leaking on the west for of the pool next to the parking lot is a water leak that is flooding into the parking lot
OPEN Completed. Completed per request. - 9 minutes ago #22-00218208

Parking Violation at 5009 Airport Blvd

Car parked on sidewalk on 51st St. side of Ross is rides
OPEN 9 minutes ago #22-00286008

Parking Violation at 5005 Duval St

Trailer pulled up and parked unhitched on sidewalk ADA violation. Address might be a house off because this app is terrible at pinpointing location
OPEN 9 minutes ago #22-00286006

Pothole Repair at 9161 Sprinkle Rd

Road sinking towards edges, causes uneven driving and potential damage to cars with lower height
CLOSED Completed - 12 minutes ago #22-00285944

Shared Micromobility at 2110 San Antonio St

Laying down
OPEN 12 minutes ago #22-00286003

Graffiti Removal - Public Property at 2825 Guadalupe St

OPEN 12 minutes ago #22-00286002

Water Conservation Violation at 6107 E Riverside Dr

Daily water conservation violations with sprinklers malfunctioning and flooding of concrete areas before sunset, water is completely wasted and does not even touch grass/plant life. They should not be using the sprinklers multiple time a...
CLOSED Post Card Sent - Close SR. Sent post card for water waste violation. - 14 minutes ago #22-00284485

Shared Micromobility at 1600 Toomey Rd

4 Bird scooters on sidewalk
CLOSED 15 minutes ago #22-00285407

Parking Violation at 5303 Avenue F

R&D motors parking cars for sale on Public Street, car in photo has R&D motor paper plate on front and temp plate on the back.
OPEN 15 minutes ago #22-00285996

Graffiti Removal - Public Property at 12516 N Mopac Expy Svrd Sb

Graffiti on embankment of service road road southbound impact to west on Parmer
CLOSED Referred to 311 for Further Review - Close SR. We are unable to access this area. Please assign to TXDOT. Thank you. - 16 minutes ago #22-00217762

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