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Park Grounds Maintenance at 621 W Cesar Chavez St

*Image attached* Received via Austin 311 Mobile App: Campsite on city parkland at Town Lake Trail
CLOSED 33 minutes ago #20-00022419

Other at 506 Irma Dr

School bus parked on street, making approach to stop sign and turning difficult
OPEN 34 minutes ago #20-00025094

Water Waste Report at 6402 Lost Horizon Dr

CLOSED Not enough information provided - 35 minutes ago #09-00029958

Grass/Weeds Over 12" Tall at 2411 Longview St

Unkempt lawn/ grass over 12"
CLOSED SR Transferred to Alternate System. 2020-008306 CC; Inspector Name: Kendrick Barnett; Inspector Phone: (512) 974-2719; Address: 2411 LONGVIEW ST; City: AUSTIN; Zip Code: 78705;. - 37 minutes ago #20-00022459

Loose Dog at 8312 Fathom Cir

Caller states that the dog is in her yard now.
OPEN 37 minutes ago #20-00025087

Parking Violation at 808 E 9 Th St

Vehicle blocking fire hydrant
CLOSED about 1 hour ago #20-00023870

Loose Dog at 1408 S Redondo Dr

Gray and white female pitbull with pink collar. Loose in yard for second day. Owners not home.
CLOSED Completed - Close SR. Act#:A20-044519, Results:1408 S REDONDO DR; XY: 3133489.6643276853, 10075812.78391545; LATLNG: 30.2807316; 1 MADE CONTACT; 1 UNABLE TO MAKE CONTACT; 2 RETURNED TO OWNER; 1 CITATION; 1 VIOLATION;. - about 1 hour ago #20-00023379

Parking Violation at 3600 Taebaek Dr

Wild painted bus from a restaurant parked here several days and hasn't moved. This end of Taebek is turning into an auto junkyard
CLOSED about 1 hour ago #20-00023744

Parking Violation at 1602 E 8 Th St

Orange scooter parked in wrong direction also no plates. Not moved in over 6 months. Also bikes in the middle of the city street - attached to vehicle in front of orange scooter.
CLOSED about 1 hour ago #20-00023656

Parking Violation at 1603 E 8 Th St

Dump truck parked for months and not moved on city street. Texas plate 1L92633.
CLOSED about 1 hour ago #20-00023621

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