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Other at 7001 Great Northern Blvd

Park grass growing over the Shared use paths at the Great Northern Park (especially the section of path going up to Mopac)
OPEN about 3 hours ago #22-00285653

Other at 209 Pedernales St

Several lime scooters parked in the bike lanes on Pedernales. Can these be removed?
OPEN about 3 hours ago #22-00285645

Other at 3702 Tom Miller St

High-pitched alarm noise (similar to the infamous "Mosquito" ringtone) coming from one of the homes in the 3700 block of Tom Miller St. This block is across the street from parkland and it's very annoying for park users to have to hear th...
OPEN about 3 hours ago #22-00285601

Other at 2901 Tom Miller St

Live oak tree branches lining Berkman are hanging down into the northbound bike lane
OPEN about 4 hours ago #22-00285591

Other at 5009 S Mopac Expy Svrd Nb

Slow green light
OPEN about 4 hours ago #22-00285557

Other at 412 West Ave

Garbage cans full @ 5th and West
OPEN about 4 hours ago #22-00285526

Other at 1919 Bitter Creek Dr

By sidewalk 3feet of exposed gas service
OPEN about 8 hours ago #22-00285452

Other at 2306 Wickersham Ln

Extremely loud music in parking lot of apartment complex
OPEN about 13 hours ago #22-00285377

Other at 6902 Winedale Dr

Follow up to prior complaints at 6902 A Winedale Dr as occupant refuses to remove trash bins from street.
OPEN about 14 hours ago #22-00285351

Other at 1023 W Milton St

Street light burned out
OPEN about 15 hours ago #22-00285331

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