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Flooding Past at 2101 PARK BEND DR

Debris from Walnut Creek on urban trail
CLOSED 14 days ago #19-00121734


CLOSED 15 days ago #18-00304654

Flooding Past at 12118 WALNUT PARK XING

Standing water on Walnut Park Xing. Water is not draining into storm sewer. Storm sewer opening has a construction debris cover on it . (I think the cover is made of black tarp and chicken wire?)
CLOSED Completed. maxwell responded and checked inlets.he bent ears on trydykes to allow water to drain better. - 16 days ago #19-00123053

Flooding Past at 8202 DALEVIEW DR

Fallen tree underneath Steck on Shoal Creek
CLOSED Completed. Maximo WO #18-378598 has been issued to north crews to remove debris at culvert. - 17 days ago #18-00332091

Flooding Past at 204 CANEY ST

CLOSED Completed - 17 days ago #18-00302553

Flooding Past at 2806 S HEATHERWILDE BLVD

Large pool of water on road blocking all southbound lanes. Car is stalled.
CLOSED Completed. Remove Filters screen in front of the inlets. - 17 days ago #19-00120797

Flooding Past at 1321 BRAIDED ROPE DR

Flooding in city owned park that backs up to several homes. The drainage is not currently working! Huge pools of water not far from several nice homes that back up to Scofield Park. The park drainage needs to be addressed or this could ca...
CLOSED Completed. The area of concern is a pond and is meant to hold water. No contact info and no work is planned at this time for WPD FOD. - 18 days ago #19-00120751

Flooding Past at 12301 BLUE WATER DR

Tree fell in creek blocking water flow.
CLOSED Completed. Maximo WO #18-359402 was created and the debris has already been removed by field crews. - about 1 month ago #18-00316402

Flooding Past at 2514 S CONGRESS AVE

Inlet clogged from construction to the north.
CLOSED Completed. rodney responded and removed trydyke from inlet. - about 1 month ago #18-00317028

Flooding Past at 908 VALDEZ ST

CLOSED Completed. R Herrera,check out 311call say that both Inlets need clean so dispatch vactor over for cleaning. - about 1 month ago #18-00303790

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