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Flooding Past at 2112 East Side Dr

Debris at bridge in Stacy Park
CLOSED Completed. Maximo WO #19-34362 has been created for south crews to remove debris. Priority level 3. No contact info. listed. - about 1 month ago #19-00031999

Flooding Past at 5710 La Crosse Ave

Corner of Mopac and LaCrosse. Happens after every rain. Caused by inadequate or clogged storm drains.
CLOSED Completed. Investigated inlet is functioning please forward to street and Bridge high spot on the curb and street not allowing the water to make it to the inlet. No work is planned at this time for WPD FOD. - about 1 month ago #18-00441035

Flooding Past at 1710 Fort View Rd

Their parking lot flooded last month and drained in to my backyard which caused the retaining wall to collapse. Every time it rains heavy it drains in to my backyard.
CLOSED about 1 month ago #19-00237726

Flooding Past at 12529 La Paz Ln, Del Valle

CLOSED Completed. Left a message for the citizen. This is not a drainage issue. Property owners are responsible for for the right of way. No work is planned at this time for WPD FOD. - 2 months ago #19-00269064

Flooding Past at 2405 N Lamar Blvd Central Austin

Water by intersection
CLOSED Completed. Area was clear during inspection. No contact information listed. No work for WPD FOD at this time. - 2 months ago #19-00021726

Flooding Past at 6694 E William Cannon Dr

Construction has started on multi family that has not been approved, not been open for public discussion. This is completely in the 100 year flood plain and will only further flood homes. They have cleared 20 plus acres of trees in the ni...
CLOSED 2 months ago #19-00273880

Flooding Past at Vfd, Austin, Texas

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CLOSED 2 months ago #18-00422889

Flooding Past at 2154 E Anderson Ln Wb

HWY 183 coming off 290 TOLL by all the construction, the right lane is flooded
CLOSED 3 months ago #19-00210203

Flooding Past at 506 W Crestland Dr Highland

Every time it rains, the road on the northeast corner of Guadalupe and W Crestland floods heavily. It makes the sidewalk inaccessible and creates a hazard, as people are forced onto the road.
CLOSED Completed. Information has been documented regarding street flooding.Future CIP projected in 2023 according to the GIS Map. - 3 months ago #18-00440636

Flooding Past at 874 Latteridge Dr

CLOSED Completed. Please forward to .Commercial Ponds. Inadequate drainage from pond causing yard flooding to home. See photos on the attachment. - 3 months ago #19-00234229

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