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Sign - Parking Maintenance at 61 RAINEY ST

Sign down.
CLOSED Completed. Reinstalled sign on new poll, Removed stickers on road hump ahead and removed graffiti from all way and yield sign. - 11 days ago #18-00035073

Sign - Parking Maintenance at 617 RED RIVER ST

Missing parking sign on the south east corner of seventh and red river.
CLOSED Completed. Will install when sign fab. - 12 days ago #18-00031825

Sign - Parking Maintenance at 1800 REDLANDS ST

CLOSED Completed. Clean graffiti off sign,and right across the street trim trees around no parking sign. - 13 days ago #18-00033533

Sign - Parking Maintenance at MOUNT BONNELL RD & MOUNT BONNELL DR

the parking sign was on the light pole just the sign is on the ground called in by apd call floor
CLOSED Completed. reinstalled knocked down no parking sign. - 17 days ago #18-00000317

Sign - Parking Maintenance at 1509 TREADWELL ST

CLOSED Completed. There is two no parking rpp-no parking combination,And used a omini support.Also stop sign with street name sign was leaning and we straighten the poll. - 18 days ago #17-00381955

Sign - Parking Maintenance at 400 E 31ST ST

CLOSED Completed. ; Flex Notes; What is the cross street?E 31st and BenelvaWhat type of parking sign?No ParkingParking time limits, if known (ex. M-F, 7-7...).noneIs there more than one parking sign on the pole?NoWhat is the problem with the sign?MissingWhat is the condition of the pole?MissingWhat corner or side of the street is the parking sign on?NW CornerAny additional location details (nearest address, landmark, etc).IT WAS KNOCKED DOWN DUE TO ACCIDENT AND NEVER WAS REPLACED AND ITS BEEN SEVERAL WEEKSinstalled replacement for missing np assembly. - 18 days ago #18-00028247

Sign - Parking Maintenance at 207 CONGRESS AVE

CLOSED Completed. Reinstalled valet parking with pay to park ,time plaque with tow away plaque.Had to set up lane closure. - 18 days ago #18-00028913

Sign - Parking Maintenance at 1715 BLUEBONNET LN

Dear City of Austin, I own the property at 1715 Bluebonnet which is next door to a new condominium development. Two No Parking signs were placed in the front of my yard. (See attached photo) I understand that there is requirement that n...
CLOSED 19 days ago #18-00028496

Sign - Parking Maintenance at 504 SAN ANTONIO ST

CLOSED Completed. Pick up no parking sign with poll and removed sign because it was cardboard. - 19 days ago #18-00027496

Sign - Parking Maintenance at 103 E 10TH ST

Parking sign bent and leaning. Still attached to the ground.
CLOSED Completed. straiten poll on the no parking sign and replaced poll on 15m customer zone and tow. - 19 days ago #18-00027291

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