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Wildfire Prevention at 4300 Stearns Ln

Requesting a Wildfire Home Risk Accessment
CLOSED Completed - Close SR. I will send Horacio's information to our program coordinator, who will put him in contact with a home assessor. We will also send him resources and add him to our newsletter. - 5 months ago #20-00059670

Wildfire Prevention at 2900 Kerbey Ln

I have rental property at 401 West Mary Street 78704. My tenant is alarmed that neighbor next door at 403 West Mary is burning outdoor fires in his backyard. He's building a second home in his back yard which might not have the proper per...
CLOSED 5 months ago #20-00052703

Wildfire Prevention at 617 W 4 Th St

There?s a couple of men setting up a whole camp underneath the bridge by Mellow Johnny?s. They throw all their trash in the creek, and have fires and hammocks under there (under a WOODEN bridge). Can you please remove them as they are tr...
CLOSED 6 months ago #19-00474678

Wildfire Prevention at 793 Center Ridge Dr

There's seems to be a daily campfire at the green belt near by 701 Center Ridge Dr. Its been morning and evenings. My concern is that it is close to an apartment complex and shopping center. The picture was taken this morning 12/19/19. C...
CLOSED 6 months ago #19-00479964

Wildfire Prevention at 7407 Springtime Trail Springfield At Thaxton Road

Every year there are a huge amount of fireworks shot off in this area. Sending patrols to the area might help. I will send an email to prevention with this address as a firework hazard area.
CLOSED 6 months ago #19-00491737

Wildfire Prevention at 1795 W Ben White Blvd Eb

Homeless people starting fires at night with wood pallets in front of the jack in the box off ben white near menchaca rd
CLOSED Completed - Close SR. Called citizen and left a message. Active fire information should be sent to 911. - 7 months ago #19-00460841

Wildfire Prevention at 9903 Brownie Dr

folks are living in the park and cooking on a grill. PARD won't mow this area, so dry weeds 6 ft high. adjacent to residences which are basically cool with the camping but concerned about fire risk. previous arrangement was 1. grills only...
CLOSED 7 months ago #19-00456575

Wildfire Prevention at 10400 Scotland Well Dr

Campers burning fires at Spicewood Trail. Illegal camping. LOCATED IN BULL CREEK GREENBELT, COA PROPERTY. TRANSFERRED TO PARD.
CLOSED 8 months ago #19-00440116

Wildfire Prevention at 10405 Scotland Well Dr

Homeless burning fires at Spicewood Valley Trail. Homeless Camp active at night, with 1-2 fires burned close to midnight. THIS TRAIL IS LOCATED IN BULL CREEK GREENBELT. TRANSFERRED TO PARD
CLOSED 8 months ago #19-00440111

Wildfire Prevention at 10401 Tweedsmuir Dr

Camp fire started by the trail by my house. This is a big safety hazard for my house and surrounding houses. There is a middle school near the trail. A fire can pose a huge hazard to the school as well. If camping is allowed, there s...
CLOSED 8 months ago #19-00440204

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