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Wildfire Prevention at 10401 Tweedsmuir Dr

Camp fire started by the trail by my house. This is a big safety hazard for my house and surrounding houses. There is a middle school near the trail. A fire can pose a huge hazard to the school as well. If camping is allowed, there s...
CLOSED 3 months ago #19-00440204

Wildfire Prevention at 7368 Shelton Rd

This will be day 3 of this fire burning non stop. Horribly thick smoke throughout neighborhood. I have asthma and my children are coughing up their lungs. I'm am 9 months pregnant and having terrible headaches from all the smoke . Please...
CLOSED 3 months ago #19-00437562

Wildfire Prevention at 616 Vargas Rd

Homeless camp fire just North of Lynch/Vargas THIS APPEARS TO BE CITY OF AUSTIN/PARD PROPERTY. REFER TO PARD.
CLOSED 3 months ago #19-00438601

Wildfire Prevention at 2 Robert T Martinez Jr St

Fire directly north on water from Buzz mill at tent camp
OPEN 4 months ago #19-00426101

Wildfire Prevention at 805 Congress Ave

At 804 congress on the north west corner of 8 and congress on the congress side on the tree next to the patio area outlet badly damage individual try to plug his phone and got shocked. TRANSFERRED TO AUSTIN ENERGY.
CLOSED 4 months ago #19-00403164

Wildfire Prevention at 847 S Pleasant Valley Rd

Dead branch resting on power line.
OPEN 5 months ago #19-00390535

Wildfire Prevention at 6508 Laurel Wood Dr

Brush pile in neighbor's back yard at 6509 Marblewood Drive, Austin, TX 78731. REFERRED TO CODE COMPLIANCE
CLOSED 5 months ago #19-00384672

Wildfire Prevention at 401 San Antonio St

Brush under Austin oaks is very dry. People throw cigarettes here Concern appears to be about oak trees at Republic Square. Referred to PARD and emailed customer accordingly.
CLOSED 5 months ago #19-00365212

Wildfire Prevention at 1505 Darold Dr

Hello,on Thornberry there are lots of dead trees that have been bull doze in to piles .now it's August and there is over growth over these dead trees ,there is only one way in to Carson Creek and one way out there are many homes in this a...
OPEN Work in Progress. - 6 months ago #19-00299052

Wildfire Prevention at 2816 Rio Grande St

Vacant lot, but lots of dead brush (against wooden fence) and dead tree limbs and piles of leaves etc...not to mention garbage and old pipe and furniture. Has been reported before but nothing happens. Brush pile is maybe 4' high, not vi...
CLOSED 7 months ago #19-00299345

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