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Sign - New at 1204 E 12 Th St

Need stop sign. High speed and lack of bike and pedestrian infrastructure, combined with lots of pedestrians and bikers, the nearby transit stop, and long crossing distance, make this a very dangerous intersection. Need pedestrian crossin...
OPEN 4 days ago #19-00307639

Sidewalk Repair at 8418 Peaceful Hill Ln

Overgrown jungles preventing kids from using the sidewalks to get to bus stops safely. Citizens are walking in a very narrow street.
OPEN 5 days ago #19-00307461

Sign - New at 12200 Meridian Park Blvd

Streets were re-paved in the past few weeks. Cross-walks have yet to be re-painted. School starts next Tuesday.
OPEN 5 days ago #19-00307352

Junked/Abandoned Vehicle at 4903 Carsonhill Dr

OPEN 5 days ago #19-00307129

Community Engagement Project Feedback at 1001 E Riverside Dr

Street sign down in ped crossing
OPEN 5 days ago #19-00307130

Sign - Traffic Maintenance at 6900 Crosby Cir

Street sign at Crosby circle and Been Crenchaw way needs to be replaced because it's old and falling apart. Can't read it.
OPEN 5 days ago #19-00307012

Sign - Traffic Maintenance at 1366 Lost Creek Blvd

Sign at Lost Creek Blvd and Lost Creek circle is fading to the point where you can't read the street sign. Needs to be replaced ASAP.
OPEN Already Reported. - 5 days ago #19-00307009

Dockless Mobility at 2414 Longview St

Abandoned for at least 4 days
OPEN 5 days ago #19-00306851

Dockless Mobility at 311 W 5 Th St

Scooters blocking the bus stop.
OPEN 5 days ago #19-00306686

Construction Items in ROW at 1148 Shady Ln

blocking only sidewalk into apartments, low visability drive as it is, lots of pedestrians, asked to allow access and were told no
OPEN Completed. Requesting inspector to this location for follow up about this construction fence. - 5 days ago #19-00303420

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