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Sign - New at 5701 Charles Merle Dr

I reported this issue a week ago and it was marked as "done", but nothing has been done about this. I will continue to report this issue on a weekly basis until the city of Austin actually does something. Cars are constantly speeding do...
OPEN Completed - 6 days ago #20-00059939

Sign - New at 11800 Dessau Rd

Need no right on red for Shropshire traffic turning right into Dessau SB. Many cars u- turn from Dessau NB onto Dessau SB (esp because part of Pioneer Crossing is "landlocked" on Dessau) and Shropshire cars rarely yield to U-turns, even w...
OPEN Completed - 6 days ago #20-00057912

Sign - New at 843 Plaza Dr

There are no speed limit signs and there is a park where kids play and cars drive extremely fast up and down the stret
OPEN Completed - 7 days ago #20-00057574

Sign - New at 2216 San Gabriel St

"No parking" sign needed on section of curb alongside parking lot on 23rd street between San Gabriel and Leon. There are "no parking" signs along the length of the street, but cars consistently parked on this small section of curb where t...
CLOSED Completed - 7 days ago #20-00044312

Sign - New at 6700 Lakewood Dr

City cleared brush behind office building and now there is room for cars where there wasn't before. I think another no parking sign is needed leading up to my driveway at 6700 Lakewood drive. People would occasionally block my driveway be...
CLOSED Completed - 10 days ago #20-00050274

Sign - New at 201 Academy Dr

Missing stop sign
CLOSED Completed - 11 days ago #20-00054660

Sign - New at 3809 S 2 Nd St

Truck made illegal turn and knocked sign down.
CLOSED Completed - 12 days ago #19-00409939

Sign - New at 6002 Jain Ln

A Child Safety Zone sign is needed on this street around the East College Prep Academy.
CLOSED Completed - 13 days ago #20-00045742

Sign - New at 9437 Meyrick Park Trl

Need crossing road flashers for pedestrians because it's a dangerous blind crossing.
OPEN Completed - 14 days ago #20-00050866

Sign - New at 4619 Jinx Ave

Traffic Calming Device Request
CLOSED Completed - 14 days ago #20-00050180

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