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Traffic Sign New at 3607 E 12 Th St

CLOSED Referred to 311 For Further Review - Close SR. Please transfer request to SR type: ATD-Bicycle and Pedestrian Issues as Active Transportation has an active project here and can review the request in detail. - 6 months ago #23-00519751

Traffic Sign New at 701 W Mary St

caller would like a call from the department
CLOSED Field Inspection Conducted - Close SR. (See attachment) Field inspection of 701 W. Mary St. on 11/15, Contacted resident for further information. Resident is providing photos of the location. - 6 months ago #23-00431003

Traffic Sign New at Walsh St & W 5 Th St

CLOSED Field Inspection Conducted - Close SR. Work order submitted to install additional one-way signs at intersection. - 6 months ago #23-00385777

Traffic Sign New at 1834 Antone St

No street sign for Antone St @ Airport Blvd NB
CLOSED Field Inspection Conducted - Close SR. Sent to SMD for installation of street name sign. Close SR. - 6 months ago #23-00493050

Traffic Sign New at Kinney Ave & Barton Springs Rd

CLOSED Field Inspection Conducted - Close SR. No issues observed to warrant the removal of parking. Parking also helps in lowering speed. Close SR. - 6 months ago #23-00490553

Traffic Sign New at Prospect Ave & E 10 Th St

caller is asking for a 4-way stop at this intersection because there are always speeders and careless, reckless driver's. There have been many near misses.
CLOSED Field Inspection Conducted - Close SR. Intersection doesn't meet requirement for 4-way stop. To determine speeding, suggested to resident via email to reach out to 311 to have street entered for speed management program. - 6 months ago #23-00485406

Traffic Sign New at 6909 Hillcroft Dr

CLOSED Field Inspection Conducted - Close SR. Customer requesting handicap parking to prevent people parking in front of his home. He states wife has a handicap license plate because she walks with a cane. Determined that there was no necessity for handicap sign. Request denied. - 6 months ago #23-00510555

Traffic Sign New at Loyola Ln & Sandshof Dr

CLOSED Referred to 311 For Further Review - Close SR. Please transfer request to SR type: ATD - Traffic Signal - New/Modification as request is related to a new signal evaluation that Arterial Management would handle. - 6 months ago #23-00517598

Traffic Sign New at 802 E 46 Th St

Traffic down 46th gets up to 50-60 miles an hour because of no stop sign. Reported before and issue was closed with no consultation
CLOSED Field Inspection Conducted - Close SR. Hello,; Thank you for contacting the City of Austin Transportation and Public Works Department (TPW) via 311. I work in the Transportation Engineering Division and have reviewed your request regarding concerns of vehicle speeds on 46th St; Our department understands and shares your concerns about speeding. TPW manages the Speed Management Program to address speeding concerns and has created a process to evaluate and prioritize streets for speed mitigation treatments on Level 1 and Level 2 streets, similar to residential and collector streets. This new approach includes a balanced consideration of crash history, the built street environment, adjacent land uses (such as schools and parks), and speed profile. To meet this goal, TPW has created an evaluation procedure to proactively prioritize streets for speed mitigation treatments in a data driven approach outlined here (see "Traffic Calming Methodology" tab); 46th St is classified as a level 1 local street and TPW collected speed data in February 2020 that is being used for the Speed Management Program. Please visit TrafficCalming_6.2023_Rankings_FINAL.pdf ( to see the most recent city-wide rankings for prioritization of streets as of June 30th, 2023; The Speed Management Program utilizes a variety of traffic calming tools to slow vehicles, however, stop signs are reserved for the purpose of communicating the right-of-way to drivers at an intersection and are not used for traffic calming/speed management. TPW developed a Traffic Calming Toolkit, a toolbox of speed mitigation strategies and treatments that may be applied in isolation or in combination with other treatments to achieve speed reduction on Austin's Level 1 and 2 streets that have been selected by the Speed Management Program for traffic calming; TPW installs all-way stop treatments to clarify who has the right to proceed through the intersection. When studying an intersection for these treatments, TPW follows criteria defined by the Texas Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (TMUTCD) using data such as traffic volumes and reported collision history. All-way stops are typically installed when there is a similar amount of traffic driving on both streets, and when a minimum amount of traffic passes through the intersection, or in some cases if 5 or more collisions occur within a single year that could have been corrected by all-way stop controls. The TMUTCD specifies that all-way stop controls should not be installed for traffic calming/speed management as they may cause additional safety concerns; A preliminary all-way stop investigation was conducted at the intersection of Caswell Ave and 46th St in November 2022. Site investigations and collision history suggested the intersection would not meet all-way warrants based on vehicular volumes or collisions and an all-way stop was not recommended; Lastly, independent of the Speed Management Program process, TPW is making changes in the Triangle State, Hyde Park, Hancock and North Loop neighborhoods with the creation of a neighborhood bikeway route. Portions of the project will have speed mitigation devices, including sections of 46th St and Red River St that are expected to reduce vehicle speeds. Project implementation is anticipated this year and additional information about the project can be found at 46th-47th Streets and Bennett-Middle Fiskville Neighborhood Bikeways | Open Data | City of Austin Texas; Thank you,. - 6 months ago #23-00414345

Traffic Sign New at 706 W 23 Rd St

Would like a 15 minute passenger zone to allow vendors to unload product for our storefront, safely and with enough space. Would like about 3 parking spots space to allow for trucks to have room to unload.
CLOSED Study Requested - Close SR. Request forwarded to Parking Enterprise for further investigation. - 6 months ago #23-00446342

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