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Flooding Past at 1208 SOMERSET AVE

citizen stated City of Austin put a curve cut in her neighborhood to allow water to drain but this water is draining across the back of her yard and every time it rains it floods her garage as well as any debris flows down that curve cut...
CLOSED Completed. maximo work ticket # 18-171900clear vegetation from flow line to allow positive flow. - 17 days ago #18-00120861

Flooding Past at 300 WILMES DR

Tree blocking chesterfield @ 6300 block
CLOSED Completed. Maximo work ticket #18-123677 has been created for north crews to remove debris blocking the drainage culvert. The citizen has been contacted. - 17 days ago #18-00131364

Flooding Past at 1420 W OLTORF ST

Received via Email: This message is from Vickie Vogel. The sidewalk on Oltorf by the railroad track east of Lamar by ABGB floods with the slightest rainfall on both sides of the street. You must wade walk...
CLOSED 17 days ago #18-00133114

Flooding Past at 4413 WHISPERING VALLEY DR

willing to meet to show where the problem is
CLOSED Completed. Erlinda, the structure the citizen is talking about is a commercial pond. No creek channel across the street from given address. Please forward this ponds. - 17 days ago #18-00127195

Flooding Past at 6103 PROVENCIAL CV

Backyard of property
CLOSED Completed. Please forward to Ponds to inspect commercial pond. Frankie Andrada is looking into the runoff. - 25 days ago #18-00097045

Flooding Past at 12605 PALOMA BLANCA WAY

CLOSED Completed. Routed to Austin @ AWU. - 28 days ago #18-00090078

Flooding Past at 8300 BURLESON RD

The whole west bound lane at the intersection floods every time it rains hard. Been this way for years. There are no ditches near the intersection to collect the rain water. I'm surprised it's never been addressed before
CLOSED Completed. Storm water accumulates at the intersection of Burleson Rd. @ 183 traveling westbound . Water pools and is unable to drain towards the ditch. Erlinda, please forward this to Street and Bridge. - 29 days ago #18-00088143

Flooding Past at 2800 DEL CURTO RD

Construction site runoff/mud/debris creating driving/walking hazard
CLOSED 29 days ago #18-00089037

Flooding Past at 4507 E MARTIN LUTHER KING JR BLVD

PVC pipes in slab of new building is channeling water on to caller's property.
CLOSED Completed. Erlinda, please forward this to EV Inspections. Area is still under construction. The large retaining wall has pvc pipe that channels any storm water towards the property adjacent causing flooding. Photos are on the attachment. - 29 days ago #18-00088928

Flooding Past at 2104 E 12TH ST

CLOSED Completed. Information has been sent to WED in regards of yard flooding coming from the back alley of given address. The citizen will be contacted again, once I hear something back from Watershed Engineering. - 29 days ago #17-00318190

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