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Sign - Traffic Maintenance at 13620 SEA BISCUIT DR

Missing stop sign
CLOSED Completed. New street name signs have been cut and will be install with in 2-3 weeks. - 1 day ago #18-00421178

Sign - Traffic Maintenance at 5712 NELSON OAKS DR

Leaning stop sign. Wavers in the wind. Need to be straightened out, it is ready to fall over at 5720 Nelson oaks drive and Hildene way
CLOSED 1 day ago #18-00428909

Sign - Traffic Maintenance at 1604 E 11TH ST

Caller said that someone stole this sign and put it in her yard. Caller thinks that it is a prank, but thinks that It is strange. Caller said that it is leaning up against her tree. Caller said she is not sure who put it there but it is...
CLOSED Completed. Remove The Lane Control Sign At This Location That Not Belong There Someone Put In This Yard As A Prank This Is A Tex Dot Sign. - 1 day ago #18-00428510

Sign - Traffic Maintenance at 1503 MUSKET VALLEY TRL

At the corner of musket valley trail and braker lane, there was a new fence constructed. It impedes view if you stop at the stop line on the road. Can this be remedied in any way?
CLOSED Completed. Stop Bar Is In Place With Stop Sign .They Want To Move Stop Bar Forward Because Constructed A New Fence Block The View Of On Coming Traffic . But They Can Creep Up And See If Any Car Are Coming . - 1 day ago #18-00428769

Sign - Traffic Maintenance at 3117 E PARMER LN

Light on Parmer and Samsung blvd is not in good sync and takes WAY to long for an arrow to left onto Parmer from Samsung
CLOSED 1 day ago #18-00427921

Sign - Traffic Maintenance at 6601 BURNET RD

as you can see the light to the right doesnt display a red, however it does display green, when the light changes
CLOSED 1 day ago #18-00427591

Sign - Traffic Maintenance at 309 W 2ND ST

I sat through 7 light cycles at the light trying to cross Loop 360 where Bluffstone turns into Spicewood Springs at 6 AM this morning. The light on 360 turned green 7 times while mine stayed red. Rather than run the red light, I eventuall...
CLOSED 1 day ago #18-00427328

Sign - Traffic Maintenance at 2400 LOHMANS CROSSING RD

Median marker sign is down at the entrance to Vista Ridge shopping plaza (where Randall's & Walgreens are). Sign portion was present recently, but I'm not sure now. Pole is still there.
OPEN 3 days ago #18-00427749

Sign - Traffic Maintenance at 2025 ALDRICH ST

Stop sign damaged and leaning
CLOSED 3 days ago #18-00426257

Sign - Traffic Maintenance at 1301 ROSEWOOD AVE

Sign has been hit by passing trucks and has several issues: turned parallel to street, missing bike route 50 portion (was there now missing), also missing something that was at the top of the signage post. See photo.
CLOSED Completed. Will Need New Sign It Is Missing Will have One Made . - 4 days ago #18-00424112

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