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Loose Dog at 917 Springbrook Rd

White medium sized dog walking outside house and onto surround street
CLOSED Completed - Close SR. Act#:A19-029345, Results:917 SPRINGBROOK RD; XY: 3147535.0705436757, 10146392.463663805; LATLNG: 30.47381; 1 GENERAL BROADCAST;. - 7 days ago #19-00354412

Loose Dog at Colony Park Dr Austin Travis County

Rottweiler mix loose dog wandering around Colony Park dr off of Loyola Lane in east Austin. Dog has a collar, appears to be lost and skid-dish. Howls occasionally.
CLOSED Completed - Close SR. Act#:A19-029336, Results:COLONY PARK DR AUSTIN TRAVIS COUNTY; XY: 3145579.187984732, 10084136.651161075;; 1 GENERAL BROADCAST;. - 7 days ago #19-00354328

Loose Dog at 300 E Lola Dr

Loose dogs. Cream female, possible yellow lab/greyhound mix, one male black with white paws
CLOSED Already Reported. - 8 days ago #19-00353007

Loose Dog at 1401 Meander Dr

Two skinny young dogs. Black with light brown markings by eyes browns and paws. Both get out and into the street regularly. One is out today and almost got hit. The other is tied to a tree--with is against an ordinance within city limits....
CLOSED Completed - Close SR. Act#:A19-029149, Results:1401 MEANDER DR; XY: 3134020.857287973, 10075110.351910066; LATLNG: 30.278766020; 1 GENERAL BROADCAST;. - 8 days ago #19-00352938

Loose Dog at 2805 Northeast Dr

Two loose dogs going through neighbors trash. Both have collars. These dogs are out every morning.
CLOSED Completed - Close SR. Act#:A19-028999, Results:2 BRN/WHT DOGS; 1 GENERAL BROADCAST;. - 8 days ago #19-00351199

Loose Dog at 5883 Johnny Morris Rd

2 black dogs. Chasing kids coming off the bus. Last seen on lot #177 porch.
CLOSED Completed - Close SR. Act#:A19-029101, Results:2 BLACK DOGS. CHASING KIDS COMING OFF THE BUS. LAST SEEN ON LOT #177 PORCH; 1 UNABLE TO LOCATE;. - 9 days ago #19-00352181

Loose Dog at 7609 Longview Rd

Off leash, can't take my dog for a walk on leash, not comfortable with my kids
CLOSED Completed - Close SR. Act#:A19-028742, Results:GB - 2 LOOSE DOGS IN LONGVIEW NEIGHBORHOOD PARK, 1 IS A BOSTON TERRIER; 1 GENERAL BROADCAST;. - 11 days ago #19-00348173

Loose Dog at 7609 Longview Rd

Dogs off leash, can't walk my dog on leash and can't take kids out
CLOSED Already Reported. - 11 days ago #19-00348179

Loose Dog at 8900 N Ih 35 Nb

CLOSED Completed - Close SR. Act#:A19-028879, Results:DUPLICATE OF A19-028877; 1 RESOLVED;. - 11 days ago #19-00349756

Loose Dog at 5409 Viewpoint Dr

Caller states that the dog runs away when people try to approach it, but it's just wandering around the neighbor hood sometimes takes a break and just sits down. he has been in the area for the past 2 days.
CLOSED Completed - Close SR. Act#:A19-028726, Results:GB - TAN CHI LOOSE IN AREA 2 DAYS; 1 GENERAL BROADCAST; 1 UNABLE TO COMPLETE;. - 11 days ago #19-00348029

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