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Loose Dog at 1701 Vargas Rd

Caller has dog in a tub right now
OPEN 41 minutes ago #22-00286037

Loose Dog at 1105 Dexford Dr

Caller stated neighbor moved out and left dog in the garage. Dog is being fed by another neighbor nearby
CLOSED Completed - Close SR. Act#:A22-135908, Results:2 MADE CONTACT; 1 MESSAGE DELIVERED;. - 44 minutes ago #22-00285333

Water Conservation Violation at W Cesar Chavez St & Congress Ave

Behind line hotel
CLOSED Action Already Taken - Close SR. Duplicate report for same problem see SR 22-00284916 Action has already been taken. - about 1 hour ago #22-00283782

Food Complaint at 2708 S Lamar Blvd 100 T

CLOSED Assign To Inspector In Alternate System. Spoke to store owner. They originally intended to offer coffee to customers but have decided against it. By request of the operator, we will send an inspector by to answer general questions. - about 1 hour ago #22-00285790

Loose Dog at 18208 Great Valley Dr

CLOSED Completed - Close SR. Act#:A22-135926, Results:1 UNABLE TO MAKE CONTACT; 1 NOTICE LEFT;. - about 1 hour ago #22-00285711

Dead Animal Collection at 11509 Crumley Creek Rd, Jonestown

OPEN about 1 hour ago #22-00286013

Sign - New at Morrow St & N Lamar Blvd Svrd Sb

She has experienced an almost incident today at this intersection and is requesting the following information be added to this intersection: The citizen is requesting the following helpful additions to the northbound Lamar left turn. The...
OPEN Completed - about 1 hour ago #22-00285091

Graffiti Removal - Public Property at 8801 Research Blvd Nb

Orange graffiti is on 183 retaining wall on the side of northbound 183 frontage road.
CLOSED Cleaned Graffiti - Close SR. concrete wall. - about 1 hour ago #22-00278609

Graffiti Removal - Public Property at 12505 Research Blvd Svrd Nb

Pink Grafitti and trash everywhere right at the Oak Knoll turn around off the access rd of 183 heading north.
CLOSED Cleaned Graffiti - Close SR. concrete wall. - about 1 hour ago #22-00273677

Food Complaint at 5700 Cameron Rd

caller needs coivd results
CLOSED Contact Resident. Instructed customer to contact Epidemiology at 512-972-5555. - about 1 hour ago #22-00285654

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