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Flooding Past at 5670 E Oak Blvd

Caller is concerned about run off water from her next door neighbor who lives at 5670 Oak Blvd. The caller is very scared of the neighbor and would like to remain anonymous. The water adds to her flooding issues. Could the drainage com...
CLOSED 4 months ago #19-00166447

Flooding Past at 809 Winflo Dr

water is overtaking the storm drain and has flooded the first floor of apartment
CLOSED 4 months ago #19-00165469

Flooding Past at 2101 Park Bend Dr

Debris from Walnut Creek on urban trail
CLOSED 4 months ago #19-00121734

Flooding Past at Joe Tanner Ln & W Us 290 Hwy Eb

CLOSED 4 months ago #19-00161472

Flooding Past at 9705 Burnet Rd

Here is the last request that was done the address is 9705 burnet road I will mark the area with white utility paint the culvert is clogged despite what the last person said
CLOSED Completed. sent vactor to clean pipe and construction will create ticket to repair pipe. - 4 months ago #18-00365956

Flooding Past at 12333 Paloma Blanca Way

We're worried that due to the new development behind our retaining pond. It appears that the draining pond has accumulated more water than it can hold. Our concern is that the retaining pond may not have been engineered to handle additio...
CLOSED 4 months ago #19-00149478

Flooding Past at 1321 Braided Rope Dr

Flooding in city owned park that backs up to several homes. The drainage is not currently working! Huge pools of water not far from several nice homes that back up to Scofield Park. The park drainage needs to be addressed or this could ca...
CLOSED Completed. The area of concern is a pond and is meant to hold water. No contact info and no work is planned at this time for WPD FOD. - 4 months ago #19-00120751

Flooding Past at Paulines Way Austin Travis County

We have standing water accumulating in the greenbelt behind our home on Paulines Way, Austin, TX, after every major rainfall. The water normally passes through the retention pond to other side, but is not happening now, may be because o...
CLOSED 4 months ago #19-00142409

Flooding Past at 12130 Walnut Park Xing

Storm drain blocked heading towards park 35 circle.
CLOSED Completed. josiah responded and removed trydyke from inlet. - 4 months ago #19-00147211

Flooding Past at 4424 Camacho St

Manhole labeled "electric" behind 4428 Camacho on the alley regularly leaks water into the alley. Not sure of source.
CLOSED 4 months ago #18-00328866

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