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Sign - New at 4727 Vaughan St

This is currently a two-way stop (N-S on Vaughn) but drivers consistently speed down Philomena at unwise and unlawful speeds. In the homes facing Philomena between Vaughn and Berkman there are over 20 children under the age of 10, exponen...
CLOSED Completed - about 17 hours ago #22-00189537

Sign - New at Weatherford Dr & Harrisglenn Dr

Trucks are bypassing Howard Lane to use Weatherford Dr and back to Howard Lane. Caller is requesting a truck restriction sign for Weatherford. Also children are entering and exiting School Bus on Weatherford causing a safety issue. Str...
OPEN Completed - about 19 hours ago #22-00282284

Sign - New at 4420 Dovemeadow Dr

Requesting No Parking sign on Pino Lane.
CLOSED Completed - about 20 hours ago #22-00192182

Sign - New at 2301 Wallingwood Dr

This is a TWO lane ONE way street. There have been many almost head on collisions on this street because of the lack of DO NOT ENTER or ONE WAY ST signs. There is also no street painting marks stating it is a one way street. Is it possibl...
OPEN about 23 hours ago #22-00292301

Sign - New at 4104 Nitschke St

OPEN 1 day ago #22-00292091

Sign - New at 1135 Barton Hills Dr A/B

OPEN 1 day ago #22-00291988

Sign - New at 408 Comal St

There needs to be a bike crossing sign here. It has low visibility for drivers and a lot of cyclers crossing.
OPEN Completed - 1 day ago #22-00291451

Sign - New at 1520 Rutherford Ln

Caller is wanting a sign with a name of a retired city employee that works for labor relations. Caller would like a call back
CLOSED 1 day ago #22-00290723

Sign - New at 900 W Cesar Chavez St

Many of these signs have been hit and knocked down by vehicles. There is a large gap where trees were knocked down. Can you add more signs? See picture
CLOSED Completed - 2 days ago #22-00256014

Sign - New at 5100 Pecan Brook Dr

Need school zone sign for charter school
CLOSED Completed - 2 days ago #22-00286239

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