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Sign - New at 1111 ARMADILLO RD

citizen requesting street name and stop sign at location. did not indicate where.
OPEN 11 minutes ago #18-00083398


Wants 4 way stop or roundabout. Needs survey done in area. There are a lot of speeders and they use this as a cut-through.
CLOSED Completed - 33 minutes ago #18-00056296

Sign - New at NUECES ST & W 2ND ST

Customer service only parking for the southeast corner of the location address for a new business called Flower Child.
CLOSED Completed - 41 minutes ago #18-00011451

Sign - New at 1520 RUTHERFORD LN

True Location: Lost Creek Blvd and Lost Creek Cir--location annexed December 2015
CLOSED Completed - about 1 hour ago #18-00073410

Sign - New at 3621 LONG DAY DR

On Long Day between Night Camp and long day there needs to be a stop sign mounted
CLOSED Completed - about 1 hour ago #18-00012245

Sign - New at W 25TH ST & SETON AVE

Received via email: At the intersection on 25th and Seton, there is a stop sign for traffic heading north/south. The traffic heading east/west; however, does not have a stop sign. This proves troublesome for three different parties, driv...
CLOSED about 1 hour ago #18-00033622

Sign - New at 1113 W 22ND ST

Requesting "No Parking" sign on the west side of home. People constantly block driveway
OPEN about 4 hours ago #18-00083116

Sign - New at 1412 E 6TH ST

Wind broke the pole.
CLOSED Completed - about 6 hours ago #18-00082352

Sign - New at 3610 JUDSON RD

CLOSED Completed - about 7 hours ago #17-00139566

Sign - New at 2819 E 14TH ST

There is no stop sign at intersection of 14th and Miriam.
OPEN about 7 hours ago #18-00082869

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