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Sign - New at 8701 Samuel Bishop Dr

Covered Bridge and Samuel Bishop
OPEN about 4 hours ago #19-00323873

Sign - New at 500 West Ave

The "WALK" sign is not illuminated. Had been out for a couple of weeks. Corner of 5th and West.
OPEN about 8 hours ago #19-00323508

Sign - New at 9439 Meyrick Park Trl

Need a flashing light for kids and adults like they have in front of Live Oak Elementary. This is a dangerous curve. Cars drive too fast at the intersection and can not stop in time.
OPEN about 8 hours ago #19-00323496

Sign - New at 2900 Loyola Ln

The traffic island at 2900 Loyola Lane is very difficult to see because all of the vegetation has died off. Cars have swerved at the last second to avoid it, and run up into adjacent yard. One motorist hit the island and blew out both tir...
OPEN about 15 hours ago #19-00322680

Sign - New at 1198 Navasota St

Need stop sign. High speed and lack of bike and pedestrian infrastructure, combined with lots of pedestrians and bikers, the nearby transit stop, and long crossing distance, make this a very dangerous intersection. Need pedestrian crossin...
OPEN about 16 hours ago #19-00322636

Sign - New at 7000 Beckett Rd

So many people are using western oaks to bypass traffic on William Cannon.
OPEN 1 day ago #19-00321183

Sign - New at 5125 Convict Hill Rd

Add no thru traffic sign.
OPEN 1 day ago #19-00321148

Sign - New at 4807 W William Cannon Dr

No thru traffic sign
OPEN 1 day ago #19-00321141

Sign - New at 1500 E 5 Th St

caller states that people park across the street from the metro stop called Plaza Saltillo Station and when they park across the street overnight the cars are broken into. Caller is requesting a sign be put up that says lock your car or...
OPEN 1 day ago #19-00320956

Sign - New at 9508 Pearson Ranch Rd

Street lights are needed on this road.
OPEN 2 days ago #19-00320427

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