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Other at 4506 E RIVERSIDE DR

10-15 homeless people have set up camp under budge on east riverside just west of wickersham ln Throwing large amounts of trash in waterway and defecating into waterway as well
OPEN 10 minutes ago #18-00157000

Other at 1500 OXFORD AVE

Tree debris on side of road
OPEN 10 minutes ago #18-00156999

Other at 101–109 W 9th St

In front of 901 Congress there's a green trash can. The inside liner is missing.
OPEN about 1 hour ago #18-00156897

Other at 10036 GERTRUDIS LOOP

Abandoned car
OPEN about 5 hours ago #18-00156503

Other at 612 UPSON ST

OPEN about 6 hours ago #18-00156340

Other at 2901 MANCHACA RD

Glass in street
OPEN about 1 year ago #17-00058247

Other at 533 CELERY LOOP

Basketball goal in right of way and partially blocking sidewalk.
OPEN about 1 year ago #17-00058222


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