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Pothole Repair at 2513 CAMPDEN DR

sr # 250664 sink hole is still causing hazards
CLOSED Completed. this is not a pot hole- its a sunken area that needs an sur 10x10added bag mix to level off sunken area. - 6 days ago #17-00342558

Pothole Repair at 2070 E OLTORF ST

CLOSED Completed. made pot hole safe with one bag of mix.. - 6 days ago #17-00343340

Pothole Repair at 717 E 7TH ST

CLOSED 6 days ago #17-00131729

Pothole Repair at W BRAKER LN & BITTERN HOLW

right side of road going west bound on the curbside of the road in the right lane needing to be fixed and it is a hazard but not emmediate needing to be fixed tonight it is inwbetween swearingen dr and bittern holw closer to swearingen dr...
CLOSED Completed. Area has been confirmed that this is not a pothole but a utility cut that has been completed but was temporarily patched poorly. Request to route to UER for permanent repairs.Parent/Permanent WO 17-142345 received on 4/27/17 8:25 PM ETA for PERM repair is April 2018. - 6 days ago #17-00132367

Pothole Repair at 11216 GEORGIAN DR

Three potholes on Braker at Georgian.
CLOSED Completed. Pothole were located on Braker Ln. in right outside lane at the intersection of Georgian Dr.. Used 1 bag of mix for Temp. fix. - 6 days ago #17-00130595

Pothole Repair at 5701 BALCONES DR

the address is to pin point the area, caller states that it is between the chevron and the McDonalds, states that it is noticeable.
CLOSED Completed. Temporary patch has been placed. Site is safe. - 6 days ago #17-00132266


CLOSED Completed - 6 days ago #17-00132160

Pothole Repair at AMHERST DR & DUVAL RD

CLOSED Completed. checked area for reported issue, pot hole had previously been repaired w/ bag mix. pothole filled. - 6 days ago #17-00130878

Pothole Repair at 9010 GALEWOOD DR

tripping hazard pothole needs a cone on top it is by the sidewalk
CLOSED Completed. Could not find any pothole on street . road is safe and in good condition . - 7 days ago #17-00342805

Pothole Repair at 4103 W SLAUGHTER LN

at the intersection where a cross walk would be
CLOSED Completed. Small dip in turning lane on Slaughter Ln. in front of Bowie High School. - 7 days ago #17-00342891

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