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Sidewalk Repair at 1203 Lavaca St

Utility box in sidewalk has collapsed. This presents a significant tripping and safety hazard. The city marked and saw cut the surrounding sidewalk over a year ago in preparation of casting new concrete around the box, but they never comp...
CLOSED Completed. Class: WORKORDER Created By: ROLENJ Log Type: WORK Summary: 1-25-2023 Details Basin overgrown with willows and cattails again. panel says drawdown exceeds 48 hours, in alarm. Needs NOV. - 28 minutes ago #21-00346533

Sidewalk Repair at 6817 Tanaqua Ln

OPEN about 11 hours ago #23-00070745

Sidewalk Repair at 3309 Clawson Rd B

Caller says that he gets water all the way to the door at the duplex when there is a hard rain because the sidewalk is leaning towards the house. It is tilted and he cannot repair the small driveway with any success until this is repaire...
OPEN about 15 hours ago #23-00069406

Sidewalk Repair at 5310 Airport Blvd

Caller stated there is a vacant lot, 5310 Airport Blvd. that has a big hole infront of it. Caller stated the hole is close to the sidewalk but in the grass area close to the street
CLOSED Completed. Class: WORKORDER Created By: LUNAR Log Type: WORK Summary: Sidewalk Repair/Hole Close to/on Sidewalk/5310 Airport Blvd Details BELONGS TO PROPERTY OWNER NOT CITY ROW. - about 21 hours ago #23-00062241

Sidewalk Repair at 512 W 25 Th St

Northwest corner of 25th and Nueces sidewalk ramp is completely missing on both sides. Water regularly accumulates their making it impossible to walk through.
OPEN Work in Progress. - 1 day ago #23-00050356

Sidewalk Repair at 600 Trinity St

NW corner of 6th and Trinity about 11' crack in the sidewalk pavers
OPEN 1 day ago #23-00062677

Sidewalk Repair at 4703 Balcones Dr

S R number 23-00046495. I received a msg that my issue was closed. They have been out to look at the manhole, but they put two cones next to it. It hasn't been covered yet. Just wondering why it's a closed ticket
OPEN 1 day ago #23-00062642

Sidewalk Repair at 5901 Walnut Hills Dr

Branches blocking sidewalk access
OPEN 2 days ago #23-00060480

Sidewalk Repair at 6102 Cherrylawn Cir

Branches completely blocking wheelchair access on sidewalk
OPEN 2 days ago #23-00060438

Sidewalk Repair at 10702 Hard Rock Rd

CLOSED 2 days ago #23-00055920

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