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Sidewalk Repair at 7605 Shadowridge Run

Sidewalk with 6 inch difference between slabs
OPEN about 4 hours ago #20-00068510

Sidewalk Repair at 2906 Stoneway Dr Allandale

This should not be CLOSED as this has not been fixed. A crew came out to do some utility work and cut the sidewalk and filled it with ugly tar. This looks really bad and should be fixed considering the high taxes we pay to live in this ne...
OPEN about 6 hours ago #20-00068221

Sidewalk Repair at 7105 Arroyo Seco

Broken bike lane pods need repair
OPEN Work in Progress. - 1 day ago #20-00066848

Sidewalk Repair at 803 North Bluff Dr

Ditch appears unfinished and does not include sidewalk
OPEN 1 day ago #20-00066739

Sidewalk Repair at 3504 Webberville Rd

There is tarred gravel in place of the sidewalk, and it sticks to shoes and dogs feet if you walk over it. Probably also an issue for all the children that go to school right next to it
OPEN 1 day ago #20-00066418

Sidewalk Repair at 9020 Tuscany Way Walnut Creek Business Park

Sidewalk is uneven and a trippin Hazard. When it rains the sidewalk is unusable. Water runs of commercial properties and blocks the side walk. Sometimes it is like 9 inches deep.
CLOSED 2 days ago #20-00065925

Sidewalk Repair at 103 W 4 Th St

Approximate 50ft from the corner of 4th
CLOSED Completed - 2 days ago #20-00065898

Sidewalk Repair at 1201 Perez St

Concrete Retaining Wall Falling that is perpendicular to sidewalk.
CLOSED Completed - 4 days ago #20-00061739

Sidewalk Repair at 510 N Ih 35 Svrd Sb

OPEN Work in Progress. - Completed - 5 days ago #20-00061823

Sidewalk Repair at 2505 Wilke Dr

Cactus and brush obstructing sidewalk, causing kids and adults to have to walk along busy/narrow section of Barton Hills Dr. I'm not a resident in this neighborhood, but I've observed and experienced this during weekend soccer practices...
CLOSED Completed - 6 days ago #19-00149636

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