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Sidewalk Repair at 622 Pedernales St

Tree blocking sidewalk
OPEN Already Reported. - about 2 hours ago #20-00396977

Sidewalk Repair at 1517 Palo Duro Rd

Arroyo Seco bike lane not marked
CLOSED Completed - about 10 hours ago #20-00121300

Sidewalk Repair at 1718 Barton Springs Rd

Missing cover for water cut off
CLOSED about 10 hours ago #20-00120638

Sidewalk Repair at 7854 Thaxton Rd

No sidewalk and overgrown weed!
OPEN about 18 hours ago #20-00396427

Sidewalk Repair at 1408 E Riverside Dr

Property owners are responsible for maintaining private trees and all other vegetation in the right of way next to their property. It is a violation of City Code to neglect overgrown vegetation and private trees that obstruct the right of...
CLOSED Completed - about 22 hours ago #20-00291106

Sidewalk Repair at 1467 E Riverside Dr

(B)A person may not allow the following to accumulate on the person's property or in the area from the person's property line to the adjacent curbline:(1)weeds or grasses more than 12 inches tall;(2)garbage, rubbish, or brush; or(3)filth,...
CLOSED Already Reported. - about 22 hours ago #20-00291107

Sidewalk Repair at 5525 Eiger Rd

Landscaping completely covers the sidewalk and is several feet high. Snakes spotted hiding in the overgrowth covering the sidewalk.
CLOSED 1 day ago #20-00361700

Sidewalk Repair at 9018 Tuscany Way

Sidewalk on Tuscany Way is over grown with tree branches and forces pedestrians into the street at times. The cure by the UPS building is totally overgrown and block vision.
CLOSED Completed - 1 day ago #20-00376491

Sidewalk Repair at 6721 Lost Valley

Caller says their sidewalk is in need of repair. It runs south of their address. The sidewalk is raised and dropping 2 feet, and goes sideways. The side walk is raised and tilted.
CLOSED 1 day ago #20-00393734

Sidewalk Repair at 405 Colorado St

Sidewalk damaged possibly to construction access. 100 block of east of 4th street south side.
CLOSED 1 day ago #20-00394283

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