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Sidewalk Repair at 3257 REDBUD TRL

No sidewalk on South side,west end of Red Bud Isle. Very dangerous when walking from the East.
OPEN Work in Progress. - about 1 hour ago #17-00284275

Sidewalk Repair at 6802 SHOAL CREEK BLVD

they barricaded the sidewalk -- you will have to go onto the bike lane- you are not able to walk in that space- safety hazard
CLOSED about 7 hours ago #17-00078178

Sidewalk Repair at 11500 JOLLYVILLE RD

the northland at the arboretum apt complex- caller is just reporting one side of the sidewalk to the dumpster --- building 6-9--- not sure about the other sidewalk entrances around complex ---gate code : 1234 --- take right entrance
CLOSED about 7 hours ago #17-00077871

Sidewalk Repair at 1920 S CONGRESS AVE

CLOSED Completed. Put bag mix over heavily cracked area of sidewalk to make safe . also put a door hanger at address . - about 7 hours ago #17-00078233

Sidewalk Repair at 2109 S IH 35 SVRD NB

CLOSED Completed. Bag mix was already put down where it was needed to make safe . Route to Concrete Crew for repair. - about 7 hours ago #17-00077430

Sidewalk Repair at 4005 AVENUE F

Dangerous conditions on sidewalk edge. Crew came out a month or so ago to do a temporary fix as an elderly woman nearly fell. Today, Sunday, another elder slipped as she was exiting a car parked adjacent to the damaged area. Many people (...

Sidewalk Repair at 112 E 7TH ST

Hello - The sidewalk in front of the business on 112 E 7th Street is cracked and in need of repair or replacement ASAP. Please let me know when this can be completed
CLOSED Completed. Small piece of sidewalk missing we used a little bag mix to make sidewalk safe left a door hanger at address . - about 7 hours ago #17-00078225

Sidewalk Repair at 2104 TOM MILLER ST

CLOSED Completed. Temporarily leveled up sidewalk. Took 1/2 bag of mix. - about 14 hours ago #17-00284926

Sidewalk Repair at 6606 WOODHUE DR

Curb Not Continuous
OPEN about 21 hours ago #17-00284721

Sidewalk Repair at 1500 POPPY SEED LN

It would be difficult to miss the poor patch work the maintenance men created and then walked away from a few weeks ago.
CLOSED Completed. There is a utility cut in the road between 1506 - 1508 Poppy Seed Ln. Utility Cu caused rough ride for vehicles passing over it. Next to Utility cut there is a missing curb and sidewalk . Both were made safe with bag mix . Route to Utility Cut Crew for repair . - 1 day ago #17-00077283

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