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Sidewalk Repair at 1101 Berger St

Sidewalk is overgrown with weeds and plants.
OPEN 4 days ago #20-00274336

Sidewalk Repair at 3300 Govalle Ave

Multiple city trucks and employees parked in front of my house. Demolishing and replacing pieces of sidewalk. Blocked my drive not once but the second time deliberately. Ocvured @ 9:35am & 10 am. 5 city employees on site but NONE of th...
OPEN Work in Progress. - 5 days ago #20-00272646

Sidewalk Repair at 1207 Austin Highlands Blvd

Overgrown plants blocking significant portion of westbound William cannon sidewalk on bridge across the railroad tracks
OPEN 7 days ago #20-00268367

Sidewalk Repair at 900 S 1 St St

Broken tree grate in sidewalk
OPEN 8 days ago #20-00266223

Sidewalk Repair at 6809 Meadow Cir

Sidewalk destroyed by COA crew
OPEN 16 days ago #20-00251588

Sidewalk Repair at 7211 Fireoak Dr

Dead tree on side walk. About to fall and hurts when hit folks by mistake.
OPEN 19 days ago #20-00246215

Sidewalk Repair at 30.27 N 97.74 W

The southside of E 6th street and trinity has allot of bricks missing and it is a tripping hazard , there is 5 holes that will need to be filled up , right in front of pour choices bar
OPEN 23 days ago #20-00239505

Sidewalk Repair at 4105 Avenue C

This issue has been turned in multiple times over the past 8 years. The first time, COA crews put down premix as a temporary fix...but that was 8years ago. This is a hazard to pedestrians! We have many elderly and young children that f...
OPEN about 1 month ago #20-00213502

Sidewalk Repair at 1614 Suffolk Dr

Overgrowth blocking sidewalk
OPEN about 1 month ago #20-00215066

Sidewalk Repair at 5708 Silver Screen Dr

The sidewalk is bowed and uneven and also collects rainwater which then turns to slippery mud and moss. At least 2 people have slipped or tripped on the uneven walkway.
OPEN about 1 month ago #20-00207976

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