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Sidewalk Repair at 1201 LAVACA ST

Large sections of curb missing. Issue was not with the sidewalk! Issue not resolved as reported. Need to pour new concrete curb sections to eliminate safety hazard.
OPEN about 23 hours ago #17-00348549

Sidewalk Repair at 1703–1901 Apricot Glen Dr Austin TX 78746 United States

Additional details at
OPEN 1 day ago #17-00347957

Sidewalk Repair at 1106 SPEER LN

Communications (fiber?) vault lid is sticking up above top of sidewalk. Request should not go to District Maintenance with SBO. Need Michael Jones to address with contractor.
OPEN 2 days ago #17-00347630

Sidewalk Repair at 807 GLEN OAK DR

Reference SR#17-00339874 caller states that the sidewalk is still a tripping hazard and something needs to be done. Caller wants a callback from the department.
OPEN 2 days ago #17-00347182

Sidewalk Repair at 7426 PUSCH RIDGE LOOP

OPEN 3 days ago #17-00346917

Sidewalk Repair at 1719 ROSEWOOD AVE

SW corner of Rosewood and Salina - sidewalk is unusable due to weeds, rose bushes, and invasives spilling over from homesite onto sidewalk. Needs to be pruned.
OPEN 5 days ago #17-00345177

Sidewalk Repair at 102 W FAWNRIDGE DR

New sidewalk - yay - now needs crosswalk painted.
OPEN 5 days ago #17-00345097

Sidewalk Repair at 2309 RIO GRANDE ST

OPEN 5 days ago #17-00345058

Sidewalk Repair at 1205 LILY TER

Side walk is also sinking as well as cracking
OPEN 5 days ago #17-00344569

Sidewalk Repair at 200 W 3RD ST

Sinking sidewalk trip hazard
OPEN 6 days ago #17-00343826

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