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Flooding - Past at 1114 MANOR RD

This is unsafe and has been for several years, please fix it.
CLOSED Completed. work ticket has been created for concrete crew to fix. - 1 day ago #17-00038809

Flooding - Past at 10401 N LAMAR BLVD

Drainage Estuary is in need of dire maintenance. Causing flooding during flash floods over the road and property damage to Sterling Village owned sidewalks.
CLOSED Completed. Maximo work ticket #17-120033 has been issued to north crews for general maintenance in regards of the creek channel. The citizen will be contacted once again. - 4 days ago #17-00230290

Flooding - Past at 10309 RIVER PLANTATION DR

Structural integrity problem with bridge footings and pilings now exposed within the current swollen waterway
CLOSED Completed. Please forward to Street and Bridge to investigate. - 6 days ago #17-00016066

Flooding - Past at 9407 BROWN LN

Parking lot left muddy after overnight work by COA. Water main busted yesterday in road.
CLOSED Completed. Routed to AWU. - 6 days ago #17-00236661

Flooding - Past at 14603 BERN DR, DEL VALLE

please contact citizen Spanish speaker
CLOSED Completed. Routed to Travis County. - 8 days ago #17-00013162

Flooding - Past at 10609 SPICEWOOD CLUB DR

citizen stated since the road has been resurfaced the street will flood
CLOSED Completed. Please forward to Street and Bridge Citizen is concerned with the new overlay causing standing water. This is not a flood related issue more of a nuisance issue and no work is planned at this time for WPD FOD. - 9 days ago #17-00011094

Flooding - Past at 2502 WILKE DR

Flood damage to concrete culvert
CLOSED Completed. Maximo work ticket#14-20708 45ft x 5ft x 5in Concrete Channel Side Wall (Rip-Rap) at 2105 Barton Parkway @ Wilke Dr.614-ESome backfill operations may beinvolved.**PER FIELD INVESTIGATION PERFORMED BY GYRONE SCOTT ON (10/19/2015)**THIS JOB HASN'T BEEN COMPLETED IS READY FOR ASSIGNMENT. - 11 days ago #17-00228673

Flooding - Past at 7208 BLESSING AVE

water runs down from hill of property that was built.. It did not flood this week after the rain but the last time it rained heavily flooding occurred /not sure of exact date it happened
CLOSED Completed. Citizen is experiencing yard flooding from private lot next door. No DE on the side of house so any runoff from private property will be a site to site issue between property owner's. In regards of the street flooding on Blessing Ave.information will be sent to WED for documentation. At this time there no work for WPD FOD at this time. Citizen was contacted on site. - 11 days ago #17-00228255

Flooding - Past at 5703 WELLINGTON DR

CLOSED Completed. Contacted the citizen no yard or home flooding.Stromdrains are functioning and no work is planned at this time for WPD FOD. - 13 days ago #17-00034781

Flooding - Past at 2232 WEBBERVILLE RD

there was flooding this past Tuesday and it accrues frequently and it flooded the paved alley and also the yard and came in through the back door into the house and also to the neighbors house at 2230 Webberville rd, this alley is located...
CLOSED Completed. A. Johnson:Field meeting was conducted on Thursday,; June 15th 2017. Based on Gyrone Scott, Concrete Crew S/D Maintenance; Supervisor, to mill the alley in the middle to create a flume will be more; beneficial than curb and gutter. It will be a low LOS solution and may not help; with the more intense storms. The owner has to build a crest driveway approach; for his own expense to ensure a house protection from flooding;. - 17 days ago #17-00095192

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