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Flooding Past at 1124 BLUEBONNET LN

Washout of dirt & rocks from street overflow into Little Zilker Creek. Water from street overflows culvert, crosses sidewalk and is washing out this narrow section above the creek.
CLOSED Completed. This location has been noted. this is a very minor issue. No work is planned at this time. - about 15 hours ago #19-00162642

Flooding Past at 6810 COLTON BLUFF SPRINGS RD

Trash can in the drainage of marble creek. Please removed ASAP as this is blocking drainage and this creek floods over road everytime it rains
CLOSED 4 days ago #19-00181748

Flooding Past at 3201 OVERCUP OAK DR

OPEN 7 days ago #19-00180087

Flooding Past at 2915 MEDICAL ARTS ST

Apts in back of property had storm/flood drainage flow down the street. Mud and rocks along with the water is running down the street onto citizen's property and into the street. Parking lot is becoming eroded, mud up and down the gutter....
OPEN 7 days ago #19-00178750

Flooding Past at 874 LATTERIDGE DR

For years rain drains from the property behind my house, 1007 W. Dittmar into my yard and the the property next door. My front yard has eroded to the point that the roots of my tree are exposed. During the heavy rains starting May 7th, I...
OPEN 9 days ago #19-00176612

Flooding Past at 5903 BULL CREEK RD

There has been a continuing problem with medium-term standing water after rain storms at this address-in fact along a hood portion of this block of Bull Creek Rd-for over 6 years. As reported approximately 6 months ago, the standing water...
CLOSED Completed. Standing water on street unable to drain towards open curb into creek channel. Please forward to Street and Bridge regarding constant standing water on street. No work for WPD FOD at this time. - 10 days ago #19-00168419

Flooding Past at 3714 CLARKSON AVE

Drain culvert adjacent to railroad is obstructed by storm debris.
CLOSED Completed. Please forward to Capital Metro. - 10 days ago #19-00160332

Flooding Past at 1801 LIGHTSEY RD

First stage pool of storm water retention system overflows it's sides into to street and driveway instead of sending excess water into subsequent stages of the system.
CLOSED 11 days ago #19-00160029

Flooding Past at 2508 RIO GRANDE ST

Flooding on 4/7/19 and 5/4/19
CLOSED Completed. Left a message for citizen this is a private issue Site to Site. No work is planned at this time for WPD FOD. - 11 days ago #19-00162765

Flooding Past at 5006 BRASSIEWOOD DR

The ditch/drainage system behind our house flooded almost to the top and in to our backyard. At the end of this ditch, there was an entire lake off of pleasant valley road.
CLOSED Completed. Drainage ditch was clear of obstruction during the inspection. Watershed Engineers are currently working on their analysis to mitigate flooding for this area. No contact information listed. - 13 days ago #19-00168332

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