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Flooding Past at 9020 Tuscany Way Walnut Creek Business Park

Water runs of commercial properties and blocks the side walk. Sometimes it is like 9 inches deep. Past submission:#20-00026324. Can't walk in the road unless you wanna get killed by a UPS truck, they are constantly on the road here.
OPEN 2 days ago #20-00065946

Flooding Past at 5106 Brassiewood Dr

Creek behind my house is flooded..
CLOSED 5 days ago #19-00410586

Flooding Past at 10607 Golden Meadow Dr

How do I get a status on Maximo work ticket#19-605739 that was opened related to my 311 ticket 19-00418055?
CLOSED 12 days ago #20-00045166

Flooding Past at 5016 Clarkson Ave

Every time it rains even just a little bit a huge puddle forms in the bike lane travelling west on 51st causing the cyclist to have to ride in the road or get very wet.
OPEN Work in Progress. - 13 days ago #20-00051680

Flooding Past at 3100 Corbin Ln

City needs to clear out debris from water path, is blocking flood control
CLOSED Completed - 20 days ago #19-00335281

Flooding Past at 9305 Linkmeadow Dr

Standing water.
OPEN Work in Progress. - 24 days ago #20-00027991

Flooding Past at 9845 Alice Mae Ln

CLOSED 25 days ago #20-00026973

Flooding Past at 8520 Tuscany Way

Water between UPS and commercial park run over sidewalk when it rans and it gets deep.
CLOSED 26 days ago #20-00026324

Flooding Past at 1704 Cresthaven Dr

Water main leak.
OPEN Work in Progress. - 28 days ago #20-00032602

Flooding Past at 7629 Northcross Dr

Vegetation growing 3'-5' into the roadway on East bound side. Street not draining properly.
CLOSED Completed - about 1 month ago #19-00367335

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