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Flooding Past at 6021 Eden Dr

This area flooded severely in the 2015 floods. Flood plain maps show it is in the 5 year flood plain. Lennar is building new homes in a known flood plain.
CLOSED about 4 hours ago #21-00138744

Flooding Past at 723 Sparks Ave

Tree. Snapped during the freezing rain
CLOSED Completed - about 4 hours ago #21-00136987

Flooding Past at 2606 Enfield Rd

Sprinklers from Enfield Rd Apartments flood Exposition X Lake Austin Blvd
OPEN Work in Progress. - 1 day ago #21-00437850

Flooding Past at 4700 Canyonwood Dr

water in garage
CLOSED 1 day ago #21-00407933

Flooding Past at 6927 N Lamar Blvd

Drainage gutters on Airport Blvd from N Lamar to Denson Drive are clogged. Water is not properly draining from Airport Blvd into creek. This is causing very hazardous conditions (water pooling on road) on Airport Blvd when it rains.
OPEN Work in Progress. - 2 days ago #21-00436445

Flooding Past at 8525 Adirondack Trl

Spring water behind property flooding.
OPEN Work in Progress. - 2 days ago #21-00429689

Flooding Past at 3105 Steck Ave

Tree debris is caught up under bridge over Steck and it floods easily here.
CLOSED 3 days ago #21-00418986

Flooding Past at 5112 Turnstone Dr

Case number 21 Dash 00289986 shows closed log is still there with more debris further up the creek potential from flooding our houses out again
CLOSED Completed - 4 days ago #21-00336783

Flooding Past at 1701 Matthews Ln

Opposite tracks from 1609 Matthews Lane showing run off from June 3 rain
CLOSED Completed - 16 days ago #21-00285683

Flooding Past at 4001 Brookview Rd

there is a chronic standing water problem in front of 4001 brookview road. after a rain, water collects against the curb and does not drain into the strom sewer. instead, it ponds against the curb for days afterwards in the form of a very...
CLOSED 16 days ago #21-00417320

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