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Flooding Past at 4807 BROOK CREEK CV

CLOSED Completed. Routed to Yolanda @AWU. - 1 day ago #17-00244163

Flooding Past at 3107 HARRIS BLVD

Drain is plugged up with leaves.
CLOSED Completed. Please forward to John Hayes to clean inlet. - 2 days ago #18-00077144

Flooding Past at 9407 BROWN LN

Parking lot left muddy after overnight work by COA. Water main busted yesterday in road.
CLOSED Completed. Routed to AWU. - 8 days ago #17-00236661

Flooding Past at 10104 COPPER RIDGE CV, AUSTIN, 78747

CLOSED Completed. This is not a flooding issue home is on a side of a hill and water will trickle down after storm events. No work is planned at this time for WPD FOD. tried to call citizen back. - 11 days ago #17-00255061

Flooding Past at 13352 WATER OAK LN

Caller is wanting to follow up with Watershed regarding the flooding issue that has occurred in the past from the drainage area behind his residence @ the location address. Caller states it's been several years since it's flooded & he la...
CLOSED Completed. Information will be sent to WED for further evaluation and a follow-up with the citizen once I hear something back form Watershed Engineering. - 11 days ago #17-00257672

Flooding Past at 11511 OAK KNOLL DR

CLOSED 14 days ago #18-00063548

Flooding Past at 7008 FIREOAK DR

water builds up from the driveway and across the yard
CLOSED Completed. Please forward to Street and Bridge not; a flooding issue. Overlay is underway as i Type. Citizen would like to; be contacted by street and bridge no work is planned at this time for; WPD FOD. - 15 days ago #18-00064900

Flooding Past at 2003 DE VERNE ST

Water was flowing up out of the gutter and down the street. We reported this about six months ago. Thought it was fixed. The problem is back.
CLOSED Completed. a work ticket has been created to repair the problem by the construction crew. - 17 days ago #17-00264083

Flooding Past at 1110 DELANO ST

CLOSED 21 days ago #18-00059665

Flooding Past at 3001 OAKMONT BLVD

Utility equipment parked on 30th street pushes water across the street and has caused severe flooding MULTIPLE TIMES. Called at least 6 times today without a single response. Wow. Tax dollars working well. Thanks for causing flooding of...
CLOSED Completed. AWU has moved equipment onto Oakmont. No work for WPD FOD at this time. No contact information available. - 24 days ago #17-00247511

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