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Flooding Past at 8507 CASPIAN DR

A lot of runoff from lot next door causing flooding in our yard. I think their flood retention sprinklers are broken.
CLOSED Completed. site to site issue apartment complex and citizen have been contacted. no work necessary today or in the future for WPD FOD. - 1 day ago #18-00091591


CLOSED 2 days ago #18-00304654

Flooding Past at 204 CANEY ST

CLOSED Completed - 4 days ago #18-00302553

Flooding Past at 8202 DALEVIEW DR

Fallen tree underneath Steck on Shoal Creek
CLOSED Completed. Maximo WO #18-378598 has been issued to north crews to remove debris at culvert. - 5 days ago #18-00332091

Flooding Past at 8123 FOREST MESA DR

CLOSED Completed. Maximo work ticket #18-140767 has been issued to TV CREWS to inspect storm system and to determine if there is any blockage causing flooding. The citizen has been contacted. - 6 days ago #18-00097733

Flooding Past at 11426 PTARMIGAN DR

CLOSED Completed. Went out on site last week site and spoke to the citizen and documented information regarding flooding issues. I've scheduled a site visit with Sergio Mendoza in early May. I had given my card to the citizen if she had any other questions. She will be contacted once again, once I do an initial site visit with engineering. At this current time there is no work for WPD FOD. - 6 days ago #18-00099998

Flooding Past at 304 W 55TH ST

CLOSED Completed. Any residential development being build around creek channels and floodplain always gets reviewed by WED for preventative measures. No work is planned for WPD FOD at this time. The citizen has been contacted. I left a voicemail. - 11 days ago #18-00324619

Flooding Past at 5219 BASSWOOD LN

CLOSED Completed. I contacted the citizen on site. She has a private drainage issues with storm water. I had given her a few suggestions. No work is planned for WPD FOD at this time. - 11 days ago #18-00322561

Flooding Past at 6203 AVERY ISLAND AVE

The caller states that when it rains, the water running down the street, the water comes up between the street and the sidewalk, which washes out the area. There is something wrong with the drainage. The water flows above the curb.
CLOSED Completed. Information has been documented for WED regarding yard flooding. I've contacted the citizen and left a voicemail. There is no planned for WPD FOD at this time. - 11 days ago #18-00089767

Flooding Past at 7008 FIREOAK DR

water builds up from the driveway and across the yard
CLOSED Completed. Please forward to Street and Bridge not; a flooding issue. Overlay is underway as i Type. Citizen would like to; be contacted by street and bridge no work is planned at this time for; WPD FOD. - 12 days ago #18-00064900

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