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Flooding Past at 1102 SAUCEDO ST

received via email: Anytime it rains, there is a large, standing puddle of water on the street in front of our house for more than 72 hours. The water is not properly flowing to the drain on the street a few doors down. How can we get thi...
CLOSED 4 days ago #18-00269355

Flooding Past at 12503 ESPLANADE ST

CLOSED Completed. Road failure causing water to stand during rain events. Unable to drain towards curb inlets. Please forward to Street and Bridge. Photos are on the attachment. - 10 days ago #18-00223293

Flooding Past at 3002 MICHOACAN DR

Caller states the area floods after every rain and they have issues with flooding and having to level their property due to lack of drainage.
CLOSED Completed. Information will be sent to WED in regards to flooding issues at given address. No contact information is available. No work is currently planned for WPD FOD at this time. Area was annexed and would require a CIP. - 15 days ago #18-00030838

Flooding Past at 8637 MOUNTAIN CREST DR

there was flooding that accrued about 3 weeks ago exact day not known and it flooded inside the residential home around the water heater also the yard and also the sides of the street and also in the carport, the shed behind the carport a...
CLOSED Completed - 20 days ago #17-00203698

Flooding Past at 5904 VASEY BLVD

Possible future flood issues in back yard
CLOSED Completed. Please forward to Travis county this area of concern is out of WPD FOD ETJ no work is planned at this time for WPD FOD;. - 20 days ago #18-00205734

Flooding Past at 7909 NORTHFOREST DR

Drainage issue from 3401 Mayfair to inlet in TxDot ROW. Issue is the path from inlet to street is not paved and clogs with dirt. Several attempts to clear a path were unsuccessful because the area was not revegetated. The flooding has cau...
CLOSED Completed. Please forward to TX-DOT. Right of way off Mopac service road is blocked with sediment causing street flooding. See photo on the attachment and photo the citizen provided. - 22 days ago #18-00240561

Flooding Past at 7000 SHANNON DR

not sure when it last flooded
CLOSED Completed. Investigated site. The citizen is having flooding issues from the neighbor at 6920 Shannon Dr. Drainage coming from private lot. Site to site issues between property owners. No work is planned for WPD FOD at this time. The citizen has been contacted. - 26 days ago #18-00231642

Flooding Past at 1610 CHIPPEWAY LN

This inlet is completely clogged. There is so much debris it goes all the way in the pipe. The tv inspection done on this system shows the pipe fully clogged.
CLOSED Completed. will send Vactor out to clean up. - 27 days ago #18-00023145

Flooding Past at 12105 TWEED CT

water came into half the garage on july 4th, and flooded the yard
CLOSED Completed. Information will be documented regarding yard flooding. There is CIP pertaining to this area that may help alleviate this issue. I tried contacting the citizen on site and by phone but never got a response back. Unable to leave a voicemail. - 28 days ago #18-00228989

Flooding Past at 3707 BRIDLE PATH

CLOSED Completed. Information has been documented regarding flooding and has been sent to Field Engineering Sergio Mendoza. At this current time, there is no work for WPD FOD. The citizen was contacted on site. - 29 days ago #18-00221867

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