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Flooding Past at 6800 Airport Blvd

This creek needs to be cleaned of cut branches, trash and debris. It looks as though the city cut the hackberry and brush and just dumped into the creek. The culverts coming off of Airport along the Red Line Trail from Crestview Station...
CLOSED 1 day ago #21-00029190

Flooding Past at 5500 Bolm Rd

Flooding from leaves piled up near drain
CLOSED 2 days ago #20-00530117

Flooding Past at 9722 Great Hills Trl

Storm drain is clogged and causes flooding every rain storm because it is inoperable due to the clogged drain.
CLOSED Completed - 3 days ago #21-00029518

Flooding Past at 1507 Bridgeway Dr

Potential flooding hazard, but doesn't really fit this category's questions. There is a dead tree caught under the bridge crossing the creek on Thornton Rd., between Summer Creek Ct and Bridgeway Dr. that could trap more debris in the ne...
CLOSED Completed - 3 days ago #20-00415257

Flooding Past at 1601 Fish Ln

Every time we have heavy rain- it floods on East Howard Ln at multiple locations starting from the corner of Dessau and East Howard Ln
CLOSED Completed - 10 days ago #20-00462103

Flooding Past at 5200 Leralynn St

Storm drain at northwest corner of Zennia and Leralynn not draining.
CLOSED Completed - 10 days ago #21-00013046

Flooding Past at 5411 Alexis Cv

Silt build up in creek prevents flow downstream and creates puddles of standing water long after a flooding/rain event. This creates mosquito breeding adjacent to my property. This is part of the country club east drainage in the COA wate...
CLOSED 11 days ago #20-00261007

Flooding Past at 800 Emerald Wood Dr

Debris clogged and blocking the flow at the Aberdeen low water crossing
CLOSED Completed - 15 days ago #20-00253218

Flooding Past at 4141 Terry O Ln

Water is gurgling up out of drain pipe, flooding intersection. Intersection of Terry-O and industrial Boulevard. Water is gurgling up from drain in the north west corner of this intersection.
CLOSED 17 days ago #21-00007797

Flooding Past at 1606 Fort View Rd

Deep Standing Water greater than 12"
CLOSED about 1 month ago #20-00514554

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