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Flooding Past at 6403 CRAIGWOOD CIR

Muddy water runoff from construction site at 969 and Craigwood.
CLOSED 1 day ago #19-00145574

Flooding Past at 12988 POND SPRINGS RD

Corner of hunters chase and pond springs always floods. Please fix
CLOSED Completed. Investigated this location WPD Engineering is looking into the issue. No work is planned at this time for WPD FOD. - 2 days ago #19-00130610

Flooding Past at 7202 CHISOS PASS

Creek behind her property and water was beginning to enter her house. Terrified for two days.
CLOSED Completed. Inspected box culvert behind home and everything was clear of any obstruction. Tried to contact citizen on site and by phone. Ileft a voicemail. I will document the flooding on Maximo for WED. - 4 days ago #19-00124291

Flooding Past at 12809 BANCROFT WOODS CV

Easement across the street from me is flooding AGAIN. The drain is most likely clogged again from the grass clippings since they don't clean up after they mow.
CLOSED Completed. Please fprward to Ponds. - 4 days ago #18-00318111

Flooding Past at 13014 POND SPRINGS RD

Intersection floods up to a foot of water during rain. Drainage is not fuctioning properly.
CLOSED Completed. small pipe from grate continues to clog up. - 5 days ago #18-00349844

Flooding Past at 9400 QUAIL MEADOW DR

Recent construction on the corner of Quail Meadow Drive and Rundberg to update the sidewalk for ADA accessibility has caused a significant increase in flooding on that corner. There's always a large flooded area after a rainstorm, and now...
CLOSED Completed. This ticket has been noted; as flooding and WPD FOD Engineering will review this issue. No work is; planned at this time for WPD FOD. - 8 days ago #19-00120766

Flooding Past at 7051 VILLAGE CENTER DR

CLOSED Completed. This is a private issue. - 9 days ago #19-00130290

Flooding Past at 302 WEST AVE

Cobble on Shoal Creek trail
CLOSED Completed. Duplicate. PARD will maintain walk-in see SR19-00124182. - 10 days ago #19-00124937

Flooding Past at 2101 PARK BEND DR

Debris from Walnut Creek on urban trail
CLOSED 14 days ago #19-00121734


CLOSED 15 days ago #18-00304654

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