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Flooding Past at 9020 Tuscany Way Walnut Creek Business Park

Water runs of commercial properties and blocks the side walk. Sometimes it is like 9 inches deep. Past submission:#20-00026324. Can't walk in the road unless you wanna get killed by a UPS truck, they are constantly on the road here.
OPEN about 22 hours ago #20-00065946

Flooding Past at 5016 Clarkson Ave

Every time it rains even just a little bit a huge puddle forms in the bike lane travelling west on 51st causing the cyclist to have to ride in the road or get very wet.
OPEN Work in Progress. - 12 days ago #20-00051680

Flooding Past at 9305 Linkmeadow Dr

Standing water.
OPEN Work in Progress. - 23 days ago #20-00027991

Flooding Past at 1704 Cresthaven Dr

Water main leak.
OPEN Work in Progress. - 27 days ago #20-00032602

Flooding Past at 1801 Lightsey Rd

Retention pond drains at lights at Ridge development or clogged again, causing overflow onto street. These ponds clogged with leaves every heavy rainfall
OPEN about 1 month ago #20-00016151

Flooding Past at 602 San Jacinto Blvd

OPEN Work in Progress. - 2 months ago #19-00445085

Flooding Past at 805 Jessie St

Standing water in the street - several days after rain
OPEN Work in Progress. - 2 months ago #19-00400034

Flooding Past at 3101 Aldwyche Dr

Corner pond next to my house overflows and makes a mess in my house. Can you help? Contacted PSW builders and they came out to the conclusion is the city that need to fix. Thanks
OPEN 4 months ago #19-00430736

Flooding Past at 1039 E 43 Rd St

Storm water detention at NE corner, behind old Sears. Drains slow, accumulating trash, overflows into residential backyards during heavy rain events.
OPEN 4 months ago #19-00410995


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