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Flooding Past at 4903 COPPERBEND BLVD

OPEN Work in Progress. - about 24 hours ago #17-00273800

Flooding Past at 3313 RASPBERRY CV

The caller said his backyard flooded and the front of his home due to the pipe not draining. The caller is requesting someone come on a Wednesday. The caller would like to explain what happened. Requesting a couple of days "heads up".
OPEN Work in Progress. - 7 days ago #17-00263134

Flooding Past at 2711 MOUNTAIN LAUREL LN

Please call back regarding flooding in the backyard.
OPENED about 2 years ago #15-00199220

Flooding Past at 603 BEAVER ST

Information recieved via email to Austin 311: Since the Memorial Day flood we've been very busy with cleanup and recovery; we didn't take any pictures because it was secondary to the actual cleanup work. That Monday, we were gone for the...
OPENED over 2 years ago #15-00138668


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