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Flooding Current (Non-Emergency) at 1203 Vargas Rd

I gel my parents they can't leave there home when rains. I'm afraid water will call under sinkhole.,, I will contact mayor
OPEN about 9 hours ago #20-00486406

Flooding Current (Non-Emergency) at 30.33 N 97.65 W

CLOSED Completed - 1 day ago #20-00484815

Flooding Current (Non-Emergency) at 806 E 47 Th St

There is water coming from the drains, and it isn't caused by rain. It floods up the street.
CLOSED Completed - 3 days ago #20-00205159

Flooding Current (Non-Emergency) at 821 Berrywood Dr

Garage flooded for 17th time since august 2015
CLOSED 5 days ago #20-00192351

Flooding Current (Non-Emergency) at 936 W Riverside Dr

CLOSED Completed - 6 days ago #20-00480096

Flooding Current (Non-Emergency) at 802 Houston St

There is a significant water leak under the road. The water leak is causing the road to deteriorate.
CLOSED 10 days ago #20-00474923

Flooding Current (Non-Emergency) at 1813 Rockmoor Ave

I'm reporting on behalf of Susan Joseph at 1813 Rockmoor. Resident suspects inlets near 1813 Rockmoor are clogged. Drainage ID 194661 and 194660 Contact John Middleton for additional information if needed.
CLOSED Completed - 11 days ago #20-00197342

Flooding Current (Non-Emergency) at 20 Comal St

west side of stteet...water coming out of manhole cover
CLOSED Completed - 12 days ago #20-00469385

Flooding Current (Non-Emergency) at 11626 Spruce Canyon Dr

CLOSED 12 days ago #20-00470509

Flooding Current (Non-Emergency) at 1201 Tinnin Ford Rd

CLOSED Completed - 14 days ago #20-00194383

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