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Sign - Parking Maintenance at 707 S Congress Ave

CLOSED Completed. Close Issue (Resolved) - Replace knocked down parking sign. - about 10 hours ago #19-00322812

Sign - Parking Maintenance at 410 Colorado St

Broken off from bottom of pole
CLOSED Completed. Close Issue (Resolved) - 30 -Min. Comm.Zone ,Valet, No Parking (Right),Combo sign knocked down. Replaced Pole and hardware. Sign, good, Reinstalled. - about 13 hours ago #19-00322575

Sign - Parking Maintenance at 2107 E 3 Rd St

2 signs are missing to restrict parking so special education buses can park. Needed for handicap accessibility.
CLOSED Completed. Close Issue (Resolved) - Will need replacement signs for faded asset . New sign w/time for location in front of school. Already on order from sign shop. Will return for install when available. - about 18 hours ago #19-00320841

Sign - Parking Maintenance at S Lamar Blvd & Goodrich Ave

Goodrich Ave up until the Blue Crest. Placed in the wrong spot, so there is a parking problem where the signs belong.
CLOSED Completed. Close Issue (Resolved). - 1 day ago #19-00321207

Sign - Parking Maintenance at 104 W Milton St

Sign is deteriorated - difficult to read
CLOSED Completed. Close Issue (Resolved) - RPP sign area 8 needs to be fabricated to be replaced. - 4 days ago #19-00311609

Sign - Parking Maintenance at 1900 Zach Scott St

At the intersection of Zach Scott and Tom Miller's southeast corner, the no parking sign is too close to the intersection (past where the curb bulbs out for the intersection) so cars parked legally are hanging out into the street. This wa...
CLOSED Completed. Close Issue (Resolved). - 4 days ago #19-00317138

Sign - Parking Maintenance at 11201 Kildoon Dr

Multiple cars parked in front of fire hydrant. DV 91921 red Cadillac and black Toyota Corolla JWN 2921 Corner of Kildoon and Minnoch. HOA refers civilians to 311, but nothing has been done to prevent this. Please send someone for once!
CLOSED Completed. Close Issue (Resolved). - 9 days ago #19-00310554

Sign - Parking Maintenance at 1601 W Koenig Ln

CLOSED Completed. Close Issue (Resolved) - Ped sign was completely faded. - 10 days ago #19-00308818

Sign - Parking Maintenance at 6305 Felix Ave

No parking pole sign is slanted sideways
CLOSED Completed. Close Issue (Resolved) - repaired sign and post. - 15 days ago #19-00299572

Sign - Parking Maintenance at 410 E Wonsley Dr

No Parking on Row sign down Broke at base
CLOSED Completed. Close Issue (Resolved) - R.o.w no parking sign was knock down,removed sign and reinstalled sign on new pole. - 17 days ago #19-00296895

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