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Found Animal - Keep at 10608 Brownie Dr North Austin

Small, light brown maybe Chihuahua mix. Young(?), cleanish but hungry. Initially very scared but never aggressive... I haven't been able to touch "him" yet so gender is unknown Found in road @1:30PM 7/25/17
CLOSED about 19 hours ago #17-00213373

Found Animal - Keep at Pflugerville Travis County TX

Found off of Steger ln.. Sunday afternoon. We had her checked and there is no chip . The vet is guessing she is five months old .
CLOSED about 20 hours ago #17-00213121

Found Animal - Keep at 9308 S 1st St Austin

Small Brown Dog, pointy ears
CLOSED about 21 hours ago #17-00212836

Found Animal - Keep at 4609 Oakmont Blvd Allandale

Young Calico Cat. VERY friendly and appears to be possibly pregnant. Coat is clean and she looks well cared for.
CLOSED about 21 hours ago #17-00213149

Found Animal - Keep at Austin North Austin Travis County

This cute little guy followed us home from our walk last night. He is so sweet, plays fetch and gets along with our toddlers and dog. We cannot keep him. Please share/contact if you have any info. Thanks in advance.
CLOSED about 21 hours ago #17-00212712

Found Animal - Keep at 6900-6904 Meadow Lake Blvd

Small dog, young. White stripe down face, white paws. Mix of some sort. (Maybe chihuahua and jack russell?) Not neutered.
CLOSED about 21 hours ago #17-00212623

Found Animal - Keep at 1044 CAMINO LA COSTA

Female. Brown, white and black. Seems well trained, super sweet. No collar.
CLOSED 1 day ago #17-00212199

Found Animal - Keep at 1520 RUTHERFORD LN

Caller is going to house the dog in a kennel for two weeks until the animal's owner is found or animal control picks up the dog. Caller would like to know if this information can be shared with Williamson County Animal Shelter.
CLOSED 2 days ago #17-00211904

Found Animal - Keep at Cordell Ln East MLK Austin

Found very sweet possibly Schnauzer on Cordell Lane. I am keeping until the owner contacts. Be prepared to provide proof of ownership.
CLOSED 2 days ago #17-00211739

Found Animal - Keep at 3305 Woodbriar Ln East MLK

Found dog - Schnauzer/terrier mix in NE Austin on Cordell Lane in the Preswyck Hills neighborhood.
CLOSED 2 days ago #17-00211722

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