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Construction Items in ROW at 3001 E 18TH HALF ST

SR# 17-00172751 was initially submitted to Street&Bridge and they referred the concern to ROW management. Notes from Street&Bridge: this needs to go to row management in order to get home owner to remove his property - from street.
CLOSED Completed. Asked Code Enforcement to visit area. - about 1 hour ago #17-00172832

Construction Items in ROW at 483 LITTLE TEXAS LN

Tree is leaned over blocking sidewalk, hazard as pedestrian must walk in street to go around
CLOSED Completed - about 2 hours ago #17-00173456

Construction Items in ROW at 2300 E 9TH ST

CLOSED Completed. Found several permits for the area. Called Citizen to find out how long items have been there. Unable to leave voicemail 6/15...Called Citizen and he advised work started 11 pm 6/8. Found AWU permit for emergency work. Emailed AWU regarding items..; From: Pena, Isabell; Sent: Friday, June 16, 2017 11:40 AM; To: Sneed, Charles; Cc: Cancino, Felicia; Amayo-Ryan, Paloma; Subject: 3-1-1 Service Request; Good Morning,; We received a service request regarding construction items left at 2300 E 9th St. AWU has an active permit (# 17-070082) for emergency work in the area. I spoke with the Citizen and advised that the work may not be completed, but items would be retrieved upon completion of the project. Can you please check on the status and update me? I have attached copies of the summary report and permit for your review. Thanks. - about 5 hours ago #17-00164330

Construction Items in ROW at 11290 TAYLOR DRAPER LN

its warning signs
CLOSED Completed. Called Citizen for more information. Citizen stated Austin Electric was in the area last Thursday (6/15) and left behind sign. I found active permits for Texas Gas, but none for Austin Electric. Emailed TX GAS and AE to retrieve signage. - about 5 hours ago #17-00171263

Construction Items in ROW at 1605 E RIVERSIDE DR

Also 1698 E Riverside (Same area on sidewalk)
CLOSED Completed. Found Capitol Improvement Project in area. Emailed Citizen with project manager's information. Emailed project manager with summary report of Citizen's concern. - about 23 hours ago #17-00172518

Construction Items in ROW at 1849 DAPPLEGREY LN

CLOSED Completed. Created new service request for Code Compliance. - 1 day ago #17-00172323

Construction Items in ROW at 2601 E SH 71 WB

Barrel knocked over and rolling on its side. Northbound side. Inside lane
CLOSED Completed. TXDOT jurisdiction. - 1 day ago #17-00171704

Construction Items in ROW at BRAZOS ST & E 7TH ST

Construction has been completed on Brazos, between 7th and 8th street and the barriers have remained up. Work looks completed for two weeks now. Please have the barriers removed and if they are not to be removed please contact caller.
CLOSED Completed. active chill water project is still on-going. they were active as of Sunday. - 2 days ago #17-00169717

Construction Items in ROW at 909 NAVASOTA ST

CLOSED Completed. Detour signs cannot be placed in the street, that would be a safety hazard. There is no violation, left message. - 2 days ago #17-00167399

Construction Items in ROW at WALSH TARLTON LN & MISTYWOOD DR

stuff left behind by Google fiber first service request # 17-00106510 had wrong address
CLOSED Completed. emailed MASTEC to have the items picked up. - 3 days ago #17-00168168

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