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Food Complaint at 208 W 32ND ST

OPEN 43 minutes ago #17-00213968

Food Complaint at 1905 ANITA DR 1905 1 3

If this doesn't get to the correct dept, can you re rout it, this is a public safety issue.
OPEN Sent to Wrong Department. This CSR needs to go to Plumbing inspection/permitting at 512-974-4000. - about 3 hours ago #17-00213369

Food Complaint at 1101 WEST AVE

The Waste Water easement that runs through our property is leaking sewage gas.
OPEN Sent to Wrong Department - 1 day ago #17-00211544

Food Complaint at 803 GLEN OAK DR

Thanks for your attention to this matter. There is also a sofa dumped on Emerald Forest Drive between Glen Oak and Hill Wood and also one up on Vinson Dr. by the railroad track.
OPEN Sent to Wrong Department. Trash and tall weeds and grass in Austin Full Purpose goes to code compliance. - 1 day ago #17-00212083

Food Complaint at 1509 E 3RD ST

Please contact the property owners to assist in cleaning the empty lots. The vacant lot at 1509-1507 block has a lot of trash. There are many vagrants thatuse the property to conduct suspicious activity. Please have the property owner cl...
OPEN Sent to Wrong Department. This complaint is for trash in COA. Complaint goes to Code Compliance. - 1 day ago #17-00211750

Food Complaint

Failure septic system over 1 year
OPEN Completed. Not enough detail provided. Violation address not provided and complaint was left anonymously. - 7 days ago #17-00205967

Food Complaint at 907 SAGEBRUSH DR

OPEN Additional Citizen Contact Required. Pending citizen callback for additional information (as of 1:57pm, 7/11/17). - 15 days ago #17-00197208

Food Complaint at 1138 EAST OLTORF STREET #108 38 108

OPEN Sent to Wrong Department. This should not have been referred to Health. This is a Code Department issue; "Downstairs bathroom sewer line leaked for the second time into section 8 apt with 2 underage mental health children". - about 1 month ago #17-00174462

Food Complaint at 2525 W ANDERSON LN

OPEN Sent to Wrong Department. Needs to go to AWU. - about 1 month ago #17-00152141

Food Complaint at 913 JEWELL ST

Caller is referring the mosquitos / caller has health issues / caller states his neighbors ( are spraying the area between 9 :am - 4 :pm ) daily . today at 2:pm
OPEN Completed. RW spoke with 311 operator and advised that EHSD is no spraying for mosquitoes. - 2 months ago #17-00139718

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