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Fireworks Noise Complaint at 8804 Cainwood Ln

Caller insisted to speak with APD
OPEN 2 minutes ago #20-00439441

Fireworks Noise Complaint at 3909 N Interstate Hwy 35 Cherrywood

Vehicle is blasting loud bass from Fiesta Mart parking lot, shakes neighboring apartment complex Delwood Station. Violation of city ordinance 9-2.
OPEN 3 days ago #20-00434817

Fireworks Noise Complaint at 600 W 26 Th St

OPEN 21 days ago #20-00408574

Fireworks Noise Complaint at 6509 Berkman Dr

apt 204, caller states that very bassy music is coming from apt listed. 202780052 - 1ST
OPEN 21 days ago #20-00408507

Fireworks Noise Complaint at 3842 S Congress Ave Dawson

Plaza Colombian Coffee 3842 S Congress has been playing amplified music since 4:25PM and they do not have a music permit. They will continue til past midnight, just as they did last night. Please APD absolutely write them a citation.
OPEN CAD Call Entered - CLOSE SR - about 1 month ago #20-00386127


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