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Parking Violation at 1347 Lamar Square Dr

The Mary Lee Foundation Toyota Tundra dark grey pick up
OPEN 22 minutes ago #23-00451878

Parking Violation at 4953 Berkman Dr

Every single day UPS trucks park in the bike lane at this spot. This is a systemic problem, and it would be really really great if something could be done to enforce no parking in the bike lane. Their trucks could easily just park in the...
OPEN about 1 hour ago #23-00451844

Parking Violation at 8312 Winterstein Dr

OPEN about 1 hour ago #23-00451795

Parking Violation at 6808 Broad Brook Dr

Caller states her neighbor is constantly parking in front of her house with a long trailer attached to his truck where she can't do her maintenance work in her yard. Caller also states the truck is always facing opposite direction it shou...
OPEN about 1 hour ago #23-00451774

Parking Violation at 2717 Guadalupe St

Blocking fire hydrant
OPEN 1 day ago #23-00449891

Parking Violation at 206 Clearday Dr

OPEN 4 days ago #23-00444863

Parking Violation at 8437 Jamestown Dr North Austin Civic Association

Unattached trailer stored on Thurmond Street, Northeast of this house on the corner. Probably belongs to someone in nearby apartment complex. Also a pile of trash and a mattress on sidewalk near trailer. Area constantly being used to dump...
OPEN 18 days ago #23-00424654

Parking Violation at 720 W Riverside Dr

Parked in fire lane in park parking lot. Entrance in W Riverside. Multiple vehicles and it's hard to get in and out of the parking lot because this is a narrow area at entrance
OPEN 9 months ago #23-00015126


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