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Other at 807 W Riverside Dr

Driver moved the road blockade at the roundabout and drove around it. The road is closed. Mercedes benz license plate MDT4853
OPEN 40 minutes ago #20-00433372

Other at 607 W 3 Rd St

Cars are frequently parked along the curb in this cul-de-sac despite the no parking signs. This makes it difficult for moving traffic to turn around. Can you please alert authorities as well as add more signage?
OPEN 43 minutes ago #20-00433371

Other at 7620 Groundhog Way

The corner street light is out. The area has been experiencing an increase amount doc at theft and breaks ins. This would help reduce the risk of a theft and increase safety
OPEN about 2 hours ago #20-00433351

Other at 4701 Staggerbrush Rd Oak Hill

Tenants banging and stomping all hours of the night and early morning. Happens daily.
OPEN about 2 hours ago #20-00433347

Loud Commercial Music at 701 W 6 Th St

WTF bar is blaring live music at insane volume after 10pm on a Tuesday, distrurbing nearby residents, must be exceeding the 85db volume limit at the property line. Repeating nightly
OPEN about 2 hours ago #20-00433325

Found Animal - Keep at 1501 Pasadena Dr Crestview

Terrier breed, gray and white, male puppy - maybe 3-4 mos old. found at Pasadena and Woodrow in an abandoned lot tethered to a tree.
OPEN about 3 hours ago #20-00433311

Loud Commercial Music at 613 W 6 Th St

Loud music @ Rustic Tap
OPEN about 3 hours ago #20-00433310

Parking Violation at 30.17 N 97.62 W

Illegal parking
OPEN about 4 hours ago #20-00433281

Social Distancing/Over Occupancy Concern at 2711 Nueces St Central Austin

Loud music over capacity no distancing no face masks
OPEN about 4 hours ago #20-00433275

Loud Commercial Music at 8912 N Lamar Blvd

Loud booming music coming from The Ivy Apartments- must be condoned by mgt - occurs almost daily
OPEN about 4 hours ago #20-00433262

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