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Grass/Weeds Over 12" Tall at 3218 HARRIS PARK AVE

? 6-3-23 - PLANTING RESTRICTED BY SIDEWALKS. (A) A person may not place, maintain, or permit a tree or plant to overgrow or obstruct a sidewalk to prevent public use of the area. (B) A person shall trim tree limbs growing over a sidewalk...
OPEN 1 minute ago #17-00285314

Loose Dog at SHADY LN & JAIN LN

3 Rotwiellers and 1 Pit Bull. Not being aggressive. No collars and no tags. Near a school.
OPEN 9 minutes ago #17-00285288

Sign - Traffic Maintenance at 2500 E 2ND ST

Sign is false & contradictory
OPEN 10 minutes ago #17-00285301

Loose Dog at 5502 STUART CT

OPEN 15 minutes ago #17-00285283

Loose Dog at 1125 SHADY LN

got out of someone back yard
OPEN 15 minutes ago #17-00285284

Dead Animal Collection at 1900 S 1ST ST

OPEN 18 minutes ago #17-00285279

Sign - Parking Maintenance at RED RIVER ST & E 38TH HALF ST

OPEN 33 minutes ago #17-00285264

Loose Dog at 7002 MEADOR AVE

White dog is always loose. Big dog. Might be 70 pounds. Pretty dog. Gentle. There are about 3-4 dogs lay in the street all the time.
OPEN 33 minutes ago #17-00285266

Dead Animal Collection at 6808 BRUSH COUNTRY RD

Skunk in road on Brush Country near entrance to 24 Hr Fitness
OPEN 34 minutes ago #17-00285268

Park Grounds Maintenance at 2310 ANDREW ZILKER RD

Small Ford SUV is abandoned in Polo Tables Parking Lot in Zilker Park. Both front tires have been flat for a week or more.
OPEN about 1 hour ago #17-00285251

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