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Sign - Traffic Maintenance at 4600 MUELLER BLVD

The 15 Minute Any Time sign is hanging.
CLOSED Completed. Remove Combination Sign And Cut Post It Is To High Drive Sleeve Down A Little And Reset Post On The Northwest Curb . - about 20 hours ago #18-00153367

Sign - Traffic Maintenance at ENFIELD RD & DILLMAN ST

Stop sign obstructed by tree limbs. Please see attached photos.
CLOSED Completed. Trim Tree Limbs That Was Blocking Stop Sign On The Northwest Curb. - about 23 hours ago #18-00155491

Sign - Traffic Maintenance at ANDERSON MILL RD & TREE LINE DR

Caller said that he is not entirely sure of the direction and which corner the street sign is on, but he said that bus drivers have a hard time when trying to read the street signs.
CLOSED Completed. Cut tree limbs around stop sign and street name signs,Also cut trees 15 feet in front of stop sign that were blocking the view as you approach stop sign.Had to do maintenance twice on my poll saw because chain kept coming off. Please consider drive time also thank you. - about 24 hours ago #18-00146653

Sign - Traffic Maintenance at 7436 GROUNDHOG WAY

Corner of Groundhog and Janes Ranch road. Sign is leaning
CLOSED about 24 hours ago #18-00156485

Sign - Traffic Maintenance at 2405 HARTFORD RD

30 mph sign missing, pole still there
CLOSED 1 day ago #18-00152644

Sign - Traffic Maintenance at 10733 SPRUCE CANYON DR

Frequently COMPLETELY run stop sign on SPRUCE CANYON/lacrosse intersection. No speed control on lacrosse or spruce canyon ahead of stop signs to warn of upcoming stop sign on long road stretches in both directions. Sign is visible if sl...
CLOSED 1 day ago #18-00156161

Sign - Traffic Maintenance at 3313 CHERRYWOOD RD

sign knocked down
CLOSED Completed. Could not find any sign on ground but the no parking bike lane sign in front of this address did straighten sign and compacted dirt. - 2 days ago #18-00154178

Sign - Traffic Maintenance at AUSTIN CENTER BLVD & AUSTIN CENTER DR

Cars are coming for four different directions, and some of them are not stopping at all. Can put a stop sign at the Median, because people are not stopping. Please contact citizen Gail for ideas regarding where to put signs. Name: Smith...
CLOSED 2 days ago #18-00155395

Sign - Traffic Maintenance at 8017 GAULT ST

CLOSED Completed. Cut 11 foot to 10 foot reinstalled street name signs on poll and compacted dirt around sleeve. - 2 days ago #18-00153729

Sign - Traffic Maintenance at 7681 E BEN WHITE BLVD SVRD EB

Left turn light from 7600 Ben White onto 7700 E riverside routinely doesn't work at all, sometimes turns green for 1-3 seconds only, please fix this has been happening for months now
CLOSED 2 days ago #18-00155340

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