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Sign - Traffic Maintenance at 111 LAVACA ST

caller feels that the no parking sign after 5pm because it turns into a valet lane should be facing so you can view it while parked in front of the address, the sign is facing the street so he was not able to see it.
CLOSED Completed. starlight out pole. - about 14 hours ago #18-00048587

Sign - Traffic Maintenance at E 6TH ST & NAVASOTA ST

the sign has been removed from somewhere and has been placed in the alley the signs are still attached to the pole and no problem with the pole. behind the building at 1311 E 6TH ST
CLOSED Completed. CSR. Read yield down ,stops at this location.Found p2p-n/p-tow. replace pole and reinstalled. - about 15 hours ago #18-00048553

Sign - Traffic Maintenance at 1825 oak hill lane , Austin, Texas

2/18/18 several months ago I reported. police chase knocked sign down Additional details at
CLOSED Completed. All (4) street signs are up. - about 16 hours ago #18-00046668

Sign - Traffic Maintenance at 2115 LEMON DR

Stop sign is facing wrong side. Needs to be standing upright position visible for drivers and residents living in the area
CLOSED about 17 hours ago #18-00045323

Sign - Traffic Maintenance at 700 E 7TH ST

Sign that specifies/location of the Texas lotto commission is up ahead
CLOSED Completed. Tx Lottery Commission down move sign away from side walk to alley. - about 17 hours ago #18-00048035

Sign - Traffic Maintenance at 2500 SOL WILSON AVE

Sent by Austin Code: I'm speaking to a resident on the 2500 block of Sol Wilson regarding a broken barricade at the end of the street. Because the barricade is broken, traffic is increasing onto the private property. According to neighbo...
CLOSED Completed. already install barricades last week. - about 17 hours ago #18-00045423

Sign - Traffic Maintenance at 6603 W US 290 HWY

The "Do Not Enter" traffic sign at the intersection of William Cannon Dr and US 290 is bent. It's there so that westbound moving traffic doesn't accidentally enter into this protected lane specifically designated for turning left into Wil...
CLOSED about 18 hours ago #18-00047499

Sign - Traffic Maintenance at 1810 SIMOND AVE

Parking sign down
CLOSED Completed. Replace pole on p2p-n/p-tow. - about 18 hours ago #18-00045903

Sign - Traffic Maintenance at SAVANNAH RIDGE DR & BOULDER LN

savannah is mispelled
CLOSED Completed. Removed street signs (2) Savannah Rigde Only till further notice. - about 19 hours ago #18-00047048

Sign - Traffic Maintenance at 4800 SPICEWOOD SPRINGS RD

apd called in case#18-0501295
CLOSED Completed. field check csr, could not locate any sign down. - about 19 hours ago #18-00047965

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