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Sign - Traffic Maintenance at 200 COOPER DR

CLOSED Completed. removed graffiti from school xing sign. - about 1 hour ago #17-00281469

Sign - Traffic Maintenance at 3800 N LAMAR BLVD

right turn only lane
CLOSED Completed. field check csr, could not find any signs leaning. - 44 minutes ago #17-00282032

Sign - Traffic Maintenance at W PARMER LN & AMHERST DR

The sign that flashes right before Amherst warning people to slow down is off in its timing because the lights flashed for the caller even when the light was green. The sign is draped across Parmer shortly before the above intersection.
CLOSED about 2 hours ago #17-00285130

Sign - Traffic Maintenance at WEBBERVILLE RD & SAMUEL HUSTON AVE

CLOSED Completed. Static sign leanning 20 flasher, Belongs to signals live wire to work flasher. - 3 days ago #17-00282510

Sign - Traffic Maintenance at NAIRN DR & LATTA DR

speed limit sign ( 30 MPH) is leaning over on Nairn drive. This is directly in front of 7800 Nairn Drove pole is leaning so isign also leaning.
CLOSED 3 days ago #17-00282623

Sign - Traffic Maintenance at 1600 TRAVIS HEIGHTS BLVD

Sleeve sticking up trip hazard
CLOSED Completed. CUT THE SLEEVE. - 3 days ago #17-00281807

Sign - Traffic Maintenance at 807 CEDAR GLN

Speed limit sign blocked by plant
CLOSED 3 days ago #17-00280859

Sign - Traffic Maintenance at 7706 HUDSON LOOP

THE "Right Lane Must Turn Right" sign at US 290 and Hudson Loop was recently damaged (its surface was partially peeled) by Hurricane Harvey. The sign is on a traffic light pole. The pole is undamaged. I reported this issue about 2 weeks a...
CLOSED 3 days ago #17-00281682

Sign - Traffic Maintenance at STECK AVE & BURNET RD

Previous input says it all. This "Yield to Pedestrians" sign needs to be lowered below the Steck Ave. crosswalk signal so drivers turning right (south) onto Burnet road can see it easily. Too many close calls between cars turning south fr...
CLOSED Completed. Field check about lowering Turning Traffic Must Yield To Pedestrians sign, but could not lower it would make the height of sign to low. - 3 days ago #17-00281874

Sign - Traffic Maintenance at 4900 TURNSTONE DR

Yield to pedestrians knock down by car
CLOSED Completed. Tech went out to the location and repaired the ped sign that was knocked down. - 3 days ago #17-00280828

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