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Dead Animal Collection at 5100 Beryl Oak Dr Southeast Austin

less than a minute ago

Other at 7320 N Mopac Expy Sb

Tree in the road
1 minute ago

Grass/Weeds Over 12" Tall at 615 Cardinal Ln

Blocking sidewalk on Cardinal. Please clean off full width of sidewalk, this is on a blind hill for cars and people should not have to step into street
OPEN 1 minute ago #19-00276832

Dockless Mobility at 220 S Congress Ave

OPEN 4 minutes ago #19-00276829

Construction Items in ROW at 10551 W Parmer Ln

per department sending to row sr 19-00274776
OPEN 7 minutes ago #19-00276818

Dockless Mobility at 92 Congress Ave

OPEN 10 minutes ago #19-00276824

Park Grounds Maintenance at 416 W Cesar Chavez St

Dead branch hard to see, hits people in face
OPEN 10 minutes ago #19-00276823

Junked/Abandoned Vehicle at Palace Pkwy & Strickland Dr

OPEN 13 minutes ago #19-00276810

Loose Dog at 201 W 31 St St

CLOSED Completed - Close SR. Act#:A19-023500, Results:1 GENERAL BROADCAST;. - 15 minutes ago #19-00273584

Loose Dog at 3600 Wilson St

OPEN 16 minutes ago #19-00276807

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