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Pothole Repair at 5900 Oakclaire Dr

Oakclaire Drive has horrible road surface after resurfacing. Sharp rocks uneven road.
CLOSED Completed. Class: WORKORDER Created By: LARAJ Log Type: WORK Summary: response Details crew responded not potholes found. street was just seal coat. will have them send a sweeper out. see attachments. - less than a minute ago #23-00057070

Storm Debris Collection at 1918 Berkeley Ave

Storm debris
OPEN less than a minute ago #23-00071533

AE Street Light Issue - Address at 8330 Fathom Cir

CLOSED General Maintenance Completed - Close SR - less than a minute ago #23-00046466

Parks Grounds Maintenance at 3900 Dry Creek Dr

CLOSED less than a minute ago #23-00068386

Storm Debris Collection at 8106 Greenslope Dr

OPEN less than a minute ago #23-00071531

Storm Debris Collection at 13113 Partridge Bend Dr

Strom debris brush has been collected and set at curb. Our entire neighborhood is actually like this.
OPEN 1 minute ago #23-00071530

Junked/Abandoned Vehicle at Bethune Ave & Booker Ave

CLOSED No Issue Found - Close SR. four round tires no flats parked legally. - 1 minute ago #23-00040049

Parks Grounds Maintenance at 5201 Freidrich Ln

There are broken limbs and damaged trees all over the park.
CLOSED Completed. Confirmed by Chad Wilbur post February 2023 Ice Storm inspections as a park having tree damage and requiring storm cleanup to include: "Downed brush scattered on lawn of fenced playground area, not blocking anything ". - 2 minutes ago #22-00484048

Dead Animal Collection at 4708 Mount Vernon Dr

dead fox in the backyard porch near sliding door not able to Residents must be on site for a private property collection to occur. An Austin Resource Recovery operator will contact the caller prior to pick up.
CLOSED Animal Picked Up - Completed - Close SR - 3 minutes ago #23-00068798

Storm Debris Collection at 10204 Fossmoor St

Please collect winter storm debris.
OPEN 3 minutes ago #23-00071512

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