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Park Grounds Maintenance at 1200 W Cesar Chavez St

Please cut down overgrown Chinaberry tree blocking trail at north side of Cesar Chavez underpass. Google Map coordinates 30.268547, -97.759263. Tree is marked now with pink flagging.
less than a minute ago

Park Grounds Maintenance at 501 River St

Propane tank on side trail
1 minute ago

Parking Violation at 6077 Guadalupe St

CLOSED No Problem Found - Close SR - 2 minutes ago #22-00022497

Sign - Traffic Maintenance at 8003 Davis Mountain Pass

Cracked and peeling letters. Needs to be replaced
OPEN 3 minutes ago #22-00022895

Construction Items in ROW at 122 W 5 Th St

Construction barricade has been torn down but may still be valid
OPEN Completed - 3 minutes ago #22-00021163

Sign - Traffic Maintenance at 12148 Wilson Parke Ave

Faded sign needs to be replaced
OPEN 6 minutes ago #22-00022889

Shared Micromobility at 500 River St

Blocking sidewalk on park land
OPEN 6 minutes ago #22-00022888

Park Grounds Maintenance at 1019 Nile St

Boggy Creek Greenbelt just south of railroad crossing the mutt mitt dispenser box is broken off pole
CLOSED Completed - Close SR. issued wo in maxim203283. - 6 minutes ago #21-00543398

Found Dog (Confined) Pick Up at 11001 S 1 St St 126

OPEN 7 minutes ago #22-00022875

Loose Dog at 1304 Porterfield Dr

Dog chained in middle of road
OPEN 12 minutes ago #22-00022881

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