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Loose Dog at 8017 GESSNER DR

CLOSED about 1 hour ago #16-00219581

Loose Dog at 1162 LOTT AVE

Owners moved to CA with puppies & left the mom home, usually goes to the address where she used to live, about 5200 lott ave
CLOSED 30 minutes ago #16-00219611

Loose Dog at 2112 E WILLIAM CANNON DR

CLOSED 9 minutes ago #16-00219763

Loose Dog at 6500 CIRCULO DE AMISTAD

delivery guy that goes to 6420 is frequently being chased by the dogs living at 6500
OPENED 1 minute ago #16-00219859

Loose Dog at 7818 OLD BEE CAVES RD

call back, eng. very big flea issue
OPENED 7 minutes ago #16-00219856

Found Animal - Keep at 2711 DEERINGHILL DR

CLOSED 9 minutes ago #16-00219774

Grass/Weeds Over 12" Tall at 3605 GOODWIN AVE

Need cutting
CLOSED 9 minutes ago #16-00218533

Sidewalk Repair at 4000 DUVAL RD

OPENED 12 minutes ago #16-00218856

Grass/Weeds Over 12" Tall at 1132 AIRPORT BLVD

Tall weeds
CLOSED 12 minutes ago #16-00218526

Pothole Repair at S 1ST ST & W WILLIAM CANNON DR

OPENED 13 minutes ago #16-00219851

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