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dog is on pleasant valley just south of teri rd intersection
OPEN 1 minute ago #17-00349476

Loose Dog at 4511 JINX AVE

OPEN about 1 hour ago #17-00349395

Loose Dog at 2106 SOMBRA CV

Loose Pit very friendly, Well taken care of but no tags or collars.
OPEN about 2 hours ago #17-00349319

Loose Dog at 9705 MEADOWHEATH DR

dog hanging out of broken window, to this house
OPEN about 18 hours ago #17-00349010

Loose Dog at 10704 NEWMONT RD B

Caller state that the dog is loose now and is usually at location. caller state that the dog left his waste in his front yard.
OPEN about 18 hours ago #17-00348992

Loose Dog at 22601 DEIDRA DR TX 78621

OPEN about 19 hours ago #17-00348894

Loose Dog at 13624 JOHN F KENNEDY ST, MANOR

Dog has been loose for several days. The dog is behaved and trained.
OPEN about 21 hours ago #17-00348735

Loose Dog at 2413 SANDERS ST

dog is loose in caller back yard, the back yard is not fenced in.
OPEN about 24 hours ago #17-00348499

Loose Dog at US Austin Travis County

Tiny black w/tan legs Chihuahua running on sidewalk eastbound on the eastbound side towards Pleasant Valley.
OPEN 1 day ago #17-00348438

Loose Dog at 1440 SLEEPYTIME TRL

OPEN 1 day ago #17-00348416

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