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Loose Dog at 9131 RESEARCH BLVD NB

OPEN 4 days ago #18-00344593

Loose Dog at 8709 DAMITA JO DR

White Pyrenees and 5 puppies in the middle of the road. Mom dog bites everyone's tires and puppies play in the road causing traffic to back up.
OPEN 28 days ago #18-00309368

Loose Dog at 104 E WILD SENNA DR

transferred from pres sr 18-00182420
OPEN 28 days ago #18-00308528

Loose Dog at 5406 Hudson St

Several loose dogs including semi aggressive pit bull
OPEN 29 days ago #18-00308047

Loose Dog at 10316 STUBBLE QUAIL DR

White median dog, running between cars, friendly dog. He would get close to you and it would start barking for 5 sec and then he would play with you. This is the second report .
OPEN about 1 month ago #18-00306997

Loose Dog at 500 RIVER ST

3 dogs rushed me as I asked these individuals, Steve Hudson and Annie Chen, residents of Skyhouse condos to put their dogs on a leash.
OPEN about 1 month ago #18-00306297

Loose Dog at 13312 GUARNERE DR

2 dog brown white
OPEN about 1 month ago #18-00303394

Loose Dog at 6600 STONLEIGH PL

Small dog resembling a little bear with pink/red collar running loose on Stoneleigh toward Langford Elementary. He almost got hit by car. Brownish/reddish fur with a darker face. Did not want to be approached.
OPEN about 1 month ago #18-00283436

Loose Dog at 405 Krebs Ln South Austin

This dog breaks into our yard every night and runs around the neighborhood all day. Has a collar and tags but runs away when approached. We followed him to Wilson, where he ran into a yard that backs on to the little green space behind it...
OPEN 3 months ago #18-00245024

Loose Dog at 401 W CROSLIN ST

2 Chihuahuas live at 401 - B W. Croslin Street - owner continues to walk off leash late at night disturbing my dogs - he knows there is a leash law as we have told him as have other neighbors.
OPEN 3 months ago #18-00242838

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