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Loose Dog at 6006 MERRIWOOD DR

Neighbor let's dogs roam freely
OPEN about 21 hours ago #18-00422613

Loose Dog at 2815 E SH 71 SVRD WB

Young in-tact male pit mix. Brown with white markings. Has tail and un-docked ears. Timid, NOT aggressive
OPEN about 22 hours ago #18-00422559

Loose Dog at 4512 LITTLE HILL CIR

Multiple dogs. Chasing after pedestrians, bicyclists, our mailman, etc. This happens every day. They are small but they are very aggressive and scary. It has to stop.
OPEN about 22 hours ago #18-00422534

Loose Dog at 6807 BLUE DAWN TRL

Loose dog, followed me and my female dog from an open area on blue dawn. He was eating a dead animal in a plastic bag. Could have been another dog or cat wrapped up and tied. I left water and food in the front of my house for the dog.
OPEN about 23 hours ago #18-00422395

Loose Dog at 8709 DAMITA JO DR

White Pyrenees and 5 puppies in the middle of the road. Mom dog bites everyone's tires and puppies play in the road causing traffic to back up.
OPEN 3 months ago #18-00309368

Loose Dog at 104 E WILD SENNA DR

transferred from pres sr 18-00182420
OPEN 3 months ago #18-00308528

Loose Dog at 5406 Hudson St

Several loose dogs including semi aggressive pit bull
OPEN 3 months ago #18-00308047

Loose Dog at 10316 STUBBLE QUAIL DR

White median dog, running between cars, friendly dog. He would get close to you and it would start barking for 5 sec and then he would play with you. This is the second report .
OPEN 3 months ago #18-00306997

Loose Dog at 500 RIVER ST

3 dogs rushed me as I asked these individuals, Steve Hudson and Annie Chen, residents of Skyhouse condos to put their dogs on a leash.
OPEN 3 months ago #18-00306297

Loose Dog at 13312 GUARNERE DR

2 dog brown white
OPEN 3 months ago #18-00303394

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