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Sidewalk Repair at 2408 E 6TH ST

resubmitting sr 420233 after speaking to Sadie this is for a cracked sidewalk please contact citizen for any follow up questions Capital metro called to report that a train derailment has made the sidewalk dangerous to walk through, so he...
CLOSED Completed. The sidewalk in this area is under contraction all proper closures in place and safe . - about 21 hours ago #18-00420913

Sidewalk Repair at 6608 GROVER AVE B

southwest corner and grover/ruth caller requesting to speak with worker when they arrive at location
CLOSED Completed. their is nothing wrong with this sidewalk. - about 23 hours ago #18-00420773

Sidewalk Repair at 9513 ORIOLE DR

Citizen confirmed the large hole is in the sidewalk next to the driveway.
CLOSED Completed. used 3 bag mix to make area safe. - about 23 hours ago #18-00422079

Sidewalk Repair at 9513 ORIOLE DR

Large hole located on the north side of the driveway in front of this address.
CLOSED 1 day ago #18-00421901

Sidewalk Repair at 1306 NEANS DR

CLOSED Completed. this sidewalk has cracks in it but they are not major at all no real hazards none citizens just want replaced. - 1 day ago #18-00421699

Sidewalk Repair at 12007 BASTROP ST

Trash on sidewalk
CLOSED 1 day ago #18-00183246

Sidewalk Repair at 8137 MESA DR

SE Corner of Steck & Mesa urgently requires sidewalk repair. Thank you.
CLOSED Completed. south east has no sidewalk and needs to have one no hazards found .. - 1 day ago #18-00182097

Sidewalk Repair at 6501 ALDFORD CIR

CLOSED Completed. The sidewalk is cracked due to owners trying to fix water. - 1 day ago #18-00183008

Sidewalk Repair at 10006 FLOYD DR

CLOSED Completed. Temp. repair sidewalk to make safe . - 1 day ago #18-00183406

Sidewalk Repair at 2520 E 4TH ST

Trees need to be trimmed back.
CLOSED Completed. Inspector communicated with owner who will have fig trees and bamboo pruned back to clear sidewalk obstruction. - 1 day ago #18-00156471

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