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Sidewalk Repair at 8412 TWIGGY LN

Caller states that between 8412 and 8416 Twiggy Lane the sidewalk is uneven, sunken and collapsed and needs to be repaired.
CLOSED Completed. The sides is below grade I repaired it with 2 bags of mix. All is safe. at this time. - 3 days ago #18-00189565

Sidewalk Repair at 11225 CREST MEADOW LN

CLOSED Completed. This sidewalk was failing. I added mix to the sunken area and all is safe. - 3 days ago #18-00189658

Sidewalk Repair at 2134 DESCO DR

CLOSED Completed. I added bad mix to the side and made it safe for the pedestrians. All is safe. - 3 days ago #18-00189378

Sidewalk Repair at 9007 SAWTOOTH LN

CLOSED Completed. Sidewalk is sunken were the utility cut is . Pictures in attachments. - 3 days ago #18-00187144

Sidewalk Repair at 11720 DUNFRIES LN

If you are looking at the home at this address look to the left and there is 2 sections of the side walk one is cracked and lowered and the other is raised the is vegetation that is growing out of the cracks
CLOSED Completed. CREW RESPOND CREW MADE R O W SAFE. - 4 days ago #18-00171409

Sidewalk Repair at 111 E 6TH ST

3 holes with cones nearby
OPEN Work in Progress. - 4 days ago #18-00426176

Sidewalk Repair at 1051 CONGRESS AVE

In front of bldg. 1005 Congress is a curb that's coming apart.
OPEN Already Reported. - 4 days ago #18-00426134

Sidewalk Repair at 1016 E 5TH ST

OPEN 4 days ago #18-00426068


CLOSED Completed. No issue was found. Limbs in question had been pruned. Sidewalk clear. - 6 days ago #18-00156153

Sidewalk Repair at 606 TRINITY ST

Hazardous hole in sidewalk
CLOSED Completed. Crew responded to sidewalk failure crew ramped and made safe. - 6 days ago #18-00150756

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