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Sidewalk Repair at 7807 WHITSUN DR

brick on top of hole by the sidewalk
CLOSED Completed. Temporary patch placed. Site is safe. Juan Salas responded. - 1 day ago #17-00055641

Sidewalk Repair at 1009 W 26TH ST

Citizen is reporting that there is sidewalk that has a metal part over a sidewalk which if someone was running they'd break their leg & people in wheelchairs can't ride over the sidewalk

Sidewalk Repair at 807 W 12TH ST

Please either fix curb or out in a proper sidewalk ramp almost tripped on sidewalk edge
CLOSED Completed. Route to Concrete for repair . - 1 day ago #17-00057818

Sidewalk Repair at 300-398 East Koenig Lane Austin

Sidewalk broken, uneven, DANGEROUS for YEARS. Pathetic. Fix now please!!!
CLOSED Completed. There was a Utility Cut cust wanted fix that was not a hazards but there is no side-walk no hazards found left ok. - 1 day ago #17-00064108

Sidewalk Repair at 7205 ALEGRE PASS

The northbound sidewalk of the I35 service road just north of Oltorf is an imminent crash waiting to happen on a bicycle. Coming down the hill causes bike riders to gain a fair amount of speed here, when the are suddenly met with a steep...
CLOSED Completed. Searched sidewalk around the area of the above address but didn't find any danger sidewalk that may cause hazard . We. also talked with resident of above address but they said that they didn't call in and aren't aware of any issues with sidewalk . - 1 day ago #17-00062682

Sidewalk Repair at 1324 S CONGRESS AVE

There is an almost invisible curb cut that is likely to cause injuries to people walking southbound. I have personally witnessed multiple individuals tripping and/or losing their footing at this location.
CLOSED Completed - 1 day ago #17-00069004

Sidewalk Repair at 5300 MC CANDLESS ST

Sidewalk was destroyed years ago for utility work and has never been repaired.
CLOSED Completed - 1 day ago #17-00058945

Sidewalk Repair at 12507 TURKEY RIDGE CT

Water main broke and was repaired, sidewalk was not. More than a few months ago.
CLOSED Completed. A.W.U. did a utility cut and it is just waiting for sidewalk to be replaced . They put cold mix on it temporarily no hazard found . - 1 day ago #17-00066430

Sidewalk Repair at 300 WEST AVE

caller states that a citizen tripped and fell due to the affected area. The affected area is on the 3rd street side of property. there is a Rue's salon, the affected area is across the street from rues salon, next to the meter. Caller wo...
CLOSED Completed. Sunken water cover on side-walk, made repairs with 4 bags of mix no other hazards found left ok. - 1 day ago #17-00054418

Sidewalk Repair at 2200 W BRAKER LN

Inaccessible driveway crossing causes assisted peds and bikes to go into oncoming Braker Ln traffic. Ironic that local business is Disability Rights Texas uses this driveway.
CLOSED Completed. Private drive way nothing I can do. - 1 day ago #17-00064124

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