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Sidewalk Repair at 2000 PERSHING DR

Transferred by Parks due to the curb being in the ROW: Caller states that on JJ Seabrook park right at the beginning of the walking trail on the north side of the park a tree uprooted through the curb and the curb needs to be fixed.
OPEN 5 days ago #18-00041868

Sidewalk Repair at 2310 WILLOW ST

brick mailbox removed now sidewalk needs to be filled in
OPEN 5 days ago #18-00041837

Sidewalk Repair at 6901 BLESSING AVE

Sidewalk is completely unusable for wheelchairs and strollers!
CLOSED Completed - 6 days ago #17-00042908

Sidewalk Repair at 1803 S LAMAR BLVD

Caller states that there is a plate over the whole and rebar is sticking up and this is very unsafe for walkers and joggers and something needs to be done about this rebar sticking up from the sidewalk
CLOSED Completed. talked to representative from call center - she will be putting one in for construction inspection in order to get the project manager to have contractor go out and correct the sidewalk hazard. - 6 days ago #18-00040645

Sidewalk Repair at 6803 SANTOS ST

CLOSED Completed. NO ACTION TAKEN.. SEE PICS. SEND OVER TO IMG. - 6 days ago #18-00035602

Sidewalk Repair at 7202 EASTCREST DR

citizen state the sidewalk in sunken in and has about a 3 inch lip
CLOSED Completed. Temporary sidewalk repair with with 2 bags of cold mix ,also create a parent to IMG for permanent sidewalk repair . - 7 days ago #17-00235471

Sidewalk Repair at 7005 BROOK VALLEY CIR

caller is handicapped and reporting that sidewalk needs to be prepared -- caller was unwilling to give appropriate size or side of street
CLOSED Completed. Talked with owner of above address and they said that the elderly people in the neighbor have already injured themselves because of the sidewalk . Sidewalk needs to be repaired . - 7 days ago #17-00235972

Sidewalk Repair at EGANHILL DR & GRENNOCK DR

CLOSED Completed. Owners have a crew scheduled to come 20 August to remove dead private 19+14 inch Live Oak. - 7 days ago #17-00229782

Sidewalk Repair at 941 SPRINGDALE RD

Sidewalk completely blocked by illegal parked cars
CLOSED Completed. crew responded to car blocking right of way side walk car was gone when crew arrived. - 7 days ago #18-00039889

Sidewalk Repair at 6201 WAGON BEND TRL

Caller wants to report issues with curb that is damaged near address provided. Caller has made multiple reports over the years and says it has not been resolved.

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