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Sign - New at 4409 Festival Path

You sign is missing
OPEN Completed - about 16 hours ago #20-00065537

Sign - New at 1000 Audrey Ct

This case is just to describe an issue and request/recommend a new sign. I walk my dog twice a day in the neighborhood, along the Garden Villa street, as many others do. In the morning and evening it can be dangerous because of people spe...
OPEN Completed - 4 days ago #20-00064074

Sign - New at 10201 Wolftrap Dr

Need one of those Yield to pedestrians in crosswalk signs In The middle of the road here.
OPEN Completed - 4 days ago #20-00063729

Sign - New at 4301 Convict Hill Rd

Cross Walk Request - North/South across Convict Hill at Creek Ridge Neighborhood Entrance
OPEN Completed - 6 days ago #20-00061399

Sign - New at 5701 Charles Merle Dr

I reported this issue a week ago and it was marked as "done", but nothing has been done about this. I will continue to report this issue on a weekly basis until the city of Austin actually does something. Cars are constantly speeding do...
OPEN Completed - 7 days ago #20-00059939

Sign - New at 11800 Dessau Rd

Need no right on red for Shropshire traffic turning right into Dessau SB. Many cars u- turn from Dessau NB onto Dessau SB (esp because part of Pioneer Crossing is "landlocked" on Dessau) and Shropshire cars rarely yield to U-turns, even w...
OPEN Completed - 7 days ago #20-00057912

Sign - New at 843 Plaza Dr

There are no speed limit signs and there is a park where kids play and cars drive extremely fast up and down the stret
OPEN Completed - 7 days ago #20-00057574

Sign - New at 9437 Meyrick Park Trl

Need crossing road flashers for pedestrians because it's a dangerous blind crossing.
OPEN Completed - 14 days ago #20-00050866

Sign - New at 13430 Lyndhurst St

There are no signs that indicate the frontage road is one way only when approaching via lyndhurst
OPEN Completed - 15 days ago #20-00050812

Sign - New at 11800 Dessau Rd

Need "no right turn on red" sign on Shropshire. Cars turning right from Shropshire Boulevard to Dessau Road do not yield to U turn and are doing rolling stops. Very dangerous when making a U turn with traffic going Southbound on Dessau...
OPEN Completed - 15 days ago #20-00050302

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