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Sign - New at 1124 W Riverside Dr

received via mobile app: Almost everyday when there is good weather, and especially on weekends, people park their vehicles in the right hand turn lane along W Riverside at Lee Barton. 311 submissions have been inputted. 911 calls made...
OPEN about 9 hours ago #21-00179358

Sign - New at 9020 Alderman Dr

5 accidents happened in this section within 2 days. Injuring multiple people and totalling many cars. All this is on city. New traffic sign needed on all roads coming out of good night and both sides of slaughter. You just put up one sign...
OPEN Completed - about 14 hours ago #21-00174798

Sign - New at Montopolis Dr & Ed Bluestein Blvd Montopolis Austin

At the southbound side of Ed Bluestein where Montopolis Dr crosses, the present "no right turn on red" signs are placed too deeply in the corner, drivers don't see them as they approach from highway speeds. With two lanes of right turn an...
OPEN 2 days ago #21-00176327

Sign - New at 2013 Maple Ave

People speed down this road; stop sign or speed bumps needed
OPEN 2 days ago #21-00176286

Sign - New at 2803 E Slaughter Ln

Need a deer crossing sign here for eastbound traffic
OPEN Completed - 4 days ago #21-00172508

Sign - New at 4100 Vaughan St

Drivers not yielding to pedestrians AT and IN crosswalk
OPEN Completed - 4 days ago #21-00172092

Sign - New at 2411 Canterbury St

Need No Outlet sign for last block of Pedernales
OPEN Completed - 4 days ago #21-00171484

Sign - New at 301 W 2 Nd St

Vision Zero signs needed. Please make these available for individuals. Minneapolis has them, Austin should have them too!!
OPEN Completed - 5 days ago #21-00168546

Sign - New at 3012 E Slaughter Ln

OPEN Completed - 5 days ago #21-00167393

Sign - New at 6108 Belfast Dr

OPEN Completed - 8 days ago #21-00160224

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