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Wildfire Prevention

This was a test CSR from meeting on 6/20/18. No action required.
CLOSED 3 days ago #18-00193284

Wildfire Prevention at 5650 CREEK MOUNTAIN

Neighbor is back to the easement with an electric saw. Spoke with Fire Marshall Mark. His concern is with the trees. Also spoke with the briteleaf preserve warden, he said the stacked debris is a code violation. The tree cutting has p...
OPEN 5 days ago #18-00189955

Wildfire Prevention at 5650 CREEK MOUNTAIN

Neighbor has electric saw and is cutting more trees in the Greenbelt easement
OPEN 9 days ago #18-00185410

Wildfire Prevention at 7200 TWISTED OAKS DR

This house has burned down due to drug head son nodding off from opiates and alcohol with a cigarette in his mouth. It's been almost two months and the drug head male appears to be living in the condemned residence. I'm scared they are go...
OPEN 9 days ago #18-00185107

Wildfire Prevention at 4105 CREEK LEDGE

Neighbor cut lots of trees & shrubs in Greenbelt/easement and stacked about 3' tall in big u shape. About 25' x 20'. Has been there quite some time. Concerned about fire and not sure he has/had right to do such extensive cutting
OPEN 18 days ago #18-00173036

Wildfire Prevention at 8203 Copano Dr

There is a truck parked in the front yard, under a tree with a riding mower inback. day2 Also same address,, they have pop camper parked between that fences. Grass is extremely flammable most of year.reading the codes makes seem like...
CLOSED about 1 month ago #18-00119291

Wildfire Prevention at 1900 Teakwood, Austin, Texas

Trees are brushing against active power lines. This was reported several times before, most recently on Saturday, April 14. I don't understand why the city is not doing anything about this. This situation is hazardous and could start a fi...
CLOSED 2 months ago #18-00114157

Wildfire Prevention at 2811 SARATOGA DR

House at corner of Saratoga and Palomino has a burn pit (in yard on Palomino) going for multiple days now, worried about extended smoke as well as potential fire threat. CALLED MR MCCARTHY AND ADVISED HIM THAT IF THERE WAS STILL AN ACTIV...
CLOSED 2 months ago #18-00102296

Wildfire Prevention at 3207 MC CALL LN

Can u send a unit to 3306 mccall lane ? Its a very windy day and theyre burning trash and smells like rubber toxic fumes...youll be able to see the smoke upon arrival for sure !...problematic issues over and over and over again...sigh...s...
CLOSED 3 months ago #18-00092553

Wildfire Prevention at 3207 MC CALL LN

Fire and smoke getting worse... See SR#18-00092553. Same issue, same resolution - email and phone call advising Mr. Lopez to call 9-1-1 for situations like this.
CLOSED 3 months ago #18-00092584

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