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Wildfire Prevention at 10493 S 1 St St

Under S. 1st bridge north of 1626. Burned-out homeless encampment.
CLOSED Completed. I forwarded Bill Meacham's information to our program coordinators to email him Wildfire resources and our newsletter. - 1 day ago #20-00426977

Wildfire Prevention at 9606 Colfax Dr

CLOSED Completed. I will add Byron to our newsletter list and ask the program coordinator to send him Wildfire resources by email. - about 1 month ago #20-00366234

Wildfire Prevention at 7401 W Us 290 Hwy

Extensive homeless encampment. Second fire in the greenbelt at this location in a week.
CLOSED Completed - Close SR. The Wildfire Division contacted Chief Girouard, who said he wanted to bring awareness. Since this is private property, code compliance could be alerted. - about 1 month ago #20-00351087

Wildfire Prevention at 1505 Darold Dr

Hello,on Thornberry there are lots of dead trees that have been bull doze in to piles .now it's August and there is over growth over these dead trees ,there is only one way in to Carson Creek and one way out there are many homes in this a...
CLOSED about 1 month ago #19-00299052

Wildfire Prevention at 2411 Melissa Oaks Ln

Overgrown brush, dumped tree/yard trimmings, etc along Brandt Road. House fire yesterday and embers flew into neighboring yard in front of that dumped brush. Homeless and teenagers smoke along alleyway. Brush fire there a few years ago ca...
OPEN 2 months ago #20-00341439

Wildfire Prevention at 3016 Belgrave Falls Ln

There is a pile of chipped wood blocking the emergency access road between Bauerle Ranch and Shady Hollow and there are several trees growing over the access road. I'm not sure when it was last inspected for access.
OPEN 2 months ago #20-00340750

Wildfire Prevention at 1208 E 52 Nd St

Campfire cooking by fence
CLOSED Closed - No Action. I emailed Nancy Jo that city code does not allow fires within 25 feet of combustibles, and she was very right to send this photo with her concern. - 2 months ago #20-00333932

Wildfire Prevention at 4138 Pearce Rd

All down Pearce road dead brush is in the right of way. Also down oak shores. Looks like the city or county trimmed and just left it in the right of way. Making a fire danger.
OPEN 2 months ago #20-00336378

Wildfire Prevention at 7904 N Capital Of Texas Hwy Sb

People are having campfires on the ground (no fire pit) and using charcoal grills along the creek but near the forest. There are no signs prohibiting fires. This is very dangerous
OPEN 3 months ago #20-00287108

Wildfire Prevention at 1950 S Pleasant Valley Rd

CLOSED Emailed Citizen. I emailed William about this request. It is hard to see anything but sunlight in the photo. - 3 months ago #20-00288137

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