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Wildfire Prevention at 10564 BILBROOK PL

A pile of brush needs to be removed from Mary Moore Searight park between Bilbrook entrance and Decker Prairie entrance.
CLOSED Completed - Close SR. I contacted Mr. Bill Meacham and informed him that I spoke with Lt. Gibbon (WDM) about the brush piles that were located in the park near his home. Lt, Gibbon informed me that the Wildfire Mitigation Crew will be picking up the Brush piles as soon as the area dries up. The ground is too wet at this time to gain access. Mr. Meacham was satisfied with this response and will keep us posted if he needs anything in the future. - about 1 month ago #18-00345034

Wildfire Prevention at 4905 CHINA GARDEN DR

Grass is over 4 feet tall and abuts 80 acres of green belt. Serious fire hazard!! Located at Austin Water Utility lift station # 182 (River Place #5) 4901 China Garden Dr 78730
OPEN 3 months ago #18-00322679

Wildfire Prevention at 11626 PARKFIELD DR

Lack of taking out trash is causing dry grass around the area and there is even more trash now that can accelerate a fire.
OPEN 3 months ago #18-00314726

Wildfire Prevention at 4604 E BEN WHITE BLVD SVRD WB

Homeless camp visible from road. Trash everywhere. Chemicals gathered from the City of Austin' Household Hazardous Waste facility are also on site there. Seems like a fire hazard. Definitely a health hazard.
CLOSED 3 months ago #18-00313237

Wildfire Prevention at 815 BRAZOS ST

Branch trees very low for pedestrian
CLOSED 3 months ago #18-00307260

Wildfire Prevention

CLOSED 3 months ago #18-00307202

Wildfire Prevention at 7419 E RIVERSIDE DR

Homeless camp with fires burning at night and Posing a risk to the entire community of homes nearby.
CLOSED 3 months ago #18-00235447

Wildfire Prevention at 1900 AIRPORT COMMERCE DR

Homeless camp starting fires at night. Huge field of dead grass.
CLOSED 3 months ago #18-00235147

Wildfire Prevention at 1712 CENTRE CREEK DR

CLOSED 4 months ago #18-00279079

Wildfire Prevention at 7200 TWISTED OAKS DR

This house has burned down due to drug head son nodding off from opiates and alcohol with a cigarette in his mouth. It's been almost two months and the drug head male appears to be living in the condemned residence. I'm scared they are go...
CLOSED 5 months ago #18-00185107

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