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Flooding Past at 912 DALTON LN

pipes and channels stopped up please contact caller to meet up
CLOSED Completed. Maximo work ticket#19-193299 has been; sent to open waterways South crew to remove sediment form ditch line to; allow positive flow. From Hawkins Ln to Hergotz Ln. - 14 days ago #19-00165081

Flooding Past at 1206 WEATHERFORD DR

Flooded in the back yard.
CLOSED Completed. Please forward to EV inspection; This location has been noted for yard flooding. No work drainage; easement and no work is planned at this time for WPD FOD. - 14 days ago #19-00158830

Flooding Past at 7503 DELWAU LN

Called during on 5/4 to mention debris in the creek (trees) and would like a crew to come clean up.
CLOSED Completed. Investigated and no obstruction in; creek channel. This are will be noted for yard flooding. This area is; in the floodplain no work is planned at this time for WPD FOD. - 14 days ago #19-00162793

Flooding Past at 6801 BECKETT RD

storm drain overflowing at unit 112R
CLOSED Completed. storm drain overflowing at unit 112R; Flex Notes; What date did the flooding occur?05/08/2019 12:00:00 AMWhere did it flood?StreetHow deep is the water?unkownSR SLA (Due) Date/Time06/10/2019 06:56:42 AMMobile Apps Reporter Informationapp=android;app_ver=3.18.1;os=Android;os_ver=7.0;model=Android; SM-G920V;model_id=SM-G920V;device_id=574a1ab6ff0376f7430a83f4;registered=05/28/2016; 05:24:54 PMSpoke to Manager who explained is within the condo; complex and notified him if the storm drain is within the commercial lot; would be the owner of condo's responsibility. He was polite and; thankful. - 14 days ago #19-00168065

Flooding Past at 1104 Saucedo St

On 5.3.19 the 1100 block of Saucedo Street was flooded and 1103 A and B were flooded inside. Also, water being discharged into the street coming from Springdale General development after each rain creates standing water for more than 72...
CLOSED Completed. Information has been sent to Ponds. Photos and information are on ticket #19-00160677. - 14 days ago #19-00161089

Flooding Past at 5670 E OAK BLVD

Caller is concerned about run off water from her next door neighbor who lives at 5670 Oak Blvd. The caller is very scared of the neighbor and would like to remain anonymous. The water adds to her flooding issues. Could the drainage com...
CLOSED 15 days ago #19-00166447

Flooding Past at 809 WINFLO DR

water is overtaking the storm drain and has flooded the first floor of apartment
CLOSED 15 days ago #19-00165469

Flooding Past at 2101 PARK BEND DR

Debris from Walnut Creek on urban trail
CLOSED 16 days ago #19-00121734

Flooding Past at JOE TANNER LN & W US 290 HWY EB

CLOSED 18 days ago #19-00161472

Flooding Past at 9705 BURNET RD

Here is the last request that was done the address is 9705 burnet road I will mark the area with white utility paint the culvert is clogged despite what the last person said
CLOSED Completed. sent vactor to clean pipe and construction will create ticket to repair pipe. - 19 days ago #18-00365956

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