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Sign - New at 1600 Woodward St

Requesting A merge Sign because the lane narrows too one ln.
CLOSED Completed - 1 day ago #21-00537339

Sign - New at 900 Brentwood St

Request for a SMADD in their area, submit a Sign - New SR and select Speed Display Sign. Asking for SMADD for the neighborhood for speeders.
OPEN Completed - 1 day ago #21-00537337

Sign - New at 6626 Silvermine Dr

OPEN Completed - 1 day ago #21-00536644

Sign - New at 813 W Oltorf St

Crosswalks with flashing lights needed on Oltorf between 5th and 1st (at Oak Crest or S 3rd). Oltorf sidewalks are unsafe for walking and the light at S 1st is also unsafe, esp for small children (speeding cars around the corner, buses)....
CLOSED Close SR - Completed. Hello Jane, I have received your request for a crosswalk and flashlight lights (Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon) to Oltorf St. between S. 1st and S. 5th St. I will be handing this request to traffic signals since they are the ones to install. Every year the Austin Transportation Department (ATD) looks at locations for pedestrian hybrid beacons. They are very expensive and only a few are implemented per year depending on funding. There would also be a need to build ADA ramps to cross and this could take some significant time; I know you mentioned S. 1st. was also dangerous to cross. But signalized intersections are going to be your best bet to cross safely since folks are required to stop and allow pedestrians to cross. You have two signalized intersections to cross that are only 2 blocks away from your proposed crossings. Which are approximately 500 to 600 ft. away. In the meantime ATD is looking to install some Speed Display Devices to hopefully slow down some vehicles at the end of this year or early next year.; Thank you for patience and please feel free to contact me if you have any additional questions,; Respectfully,. - 1 day ago #21-00477081

Sign - New at 13300 Morris Rd

Caller is with Town and Country Sports, and the neighbors on Morris Rd, on the East Side of Morris Road close to the South Parking Lot have been complaining about cars parking after hours or on weekends on the street and blocking neighbor...
OPEN Completed - 1 day ago #21-00536428

Sign - New at 1101 W Oltorf St

CLOSED Completed - 2 days ago #21-00491004

Sign - New at Indian Canyon Dr & Whitemarsh Valley Walk

information received from ATD Signs SR 21-00495966 Unistrut Post needs stop only
CLOSED Completed - 2 days ago #21-00497483

Sign - New at 12138 Thompkins Dr

When taking a left onto Thompson from Trotwood, vehicles that are parked in front 12138 Thompkins Dr block the view of traffic coming SB on Thompson causing a hazard for drivers. There is a no parking sign on the left side of the driveway...
CLOSED Completed - 2 days ago #21-00528563

Sign - New at 106 S 1 St St

Tow away zone sign need. People keep parking in fire lane
CLOSED Completed - 3 days ago #21-00476639

Sign - New at 700 Woodland Ave

Need a new street sign
CLOSED Completed - 3 days ago #21-00533976

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